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  1. I got mine from Canada. I may go back for Palkia with a different German ROM to see if there was an issue with that, rather than the distribution.
  2. I know, but I'm the first with pictures, and for some of them, distro text.
  3. Eh, might as well contribute because I have pictures. For what it's worth, the hex matches the earlier contributions exactly (same date). No German one because the game just refused to pick up the signal. Or maybe... the distribution cart doesn't have a German WC, due to the event in Germany... if that's the case, some people have... explaining to do. ShinyDialgaEN_FR_E.zip
  4. I haven't heard from anyone else, but on Friday I'm going to EB Games in Canada to get the distribution, in case this Dialga is different. I'll have games of other languages just in case the distribution also gives out foreign language Wondercards, and I'll be able to contribute them. I'll try for pictures too.
  5. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=5771744 Pokécheck doesn't recognize the new PID from the original one being rejected due to the shiny block. ( only, not Colosseum) Also, I think Ageto Celebi is broken.
  6. No offense, but it's easy to create a Wondercard for Palkia and Giratina based on the info from the Dialga. That's why pictures of the event, particularly the Wondercard text, are important.
  7. There is no way to verify it actually came from the event so...
  8. The 4th gen TID/SID check doesn't seem to be totally accurate. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4380872 http://i.imgur.com/YfITNsO.png
  9. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=search&vid=&bid=39-33122-66417 I'm not sure what caused the RNG calls to go wrong here.
  10. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=5347148 note - I'm listing the slots starting at slot 1 as used by Pokécheck, not as slot 0 by traditional means. That was a legitimate capture on safari slot 3. Trapinch appears to be slot 8, but by not having the other kinds of blocks, it can be reduced as far as slot 3. Basically, for each individual priority slot species, the minimum slot number is whatever it would be with the bare minimum amount of blocks to spawn it (Trapinch being 3 because there are two other Pokémon before it that require Peak blocks), while the maximum is the priority slot number. I think it's possible to get all 10 priority slot Pokémon available at once if each block type is calculated at 4x value. Currently it's not being recognized because there is no slot 8 encounter for that PID/IV spread. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62170603/SafariZone.html
  11. The Searcher Piplup Wondercard has been recently contributed, so it needs to be added to the database. Pokémon from My Pokémon Ranch (other than Phione and Mew) have a fixed PID based on the species, and the Phione egg was set to have hatched at level 1 instead of 0. I think there will be more research into how that game generates Pokémon though, as it is done by that game, not the connecting DS game.
  12. Apparently, you can use any language cart except JP and KO to register for a US (and presumably any other country except JP and KO) PGL account. Normally, this doesn't mean anything, but one could do that to get say... a French DW Sinnoh starter. As such, any mismatched exclusives should have an orange warning when there is more legality checks for DW stuff.
  13. Chained shiny Pokémon can only come from D/P/Pt, and only on regular grass tiles. Exception to HG/SS Lake of Rage shiny Gyarados encounter.
  14. You shouldn't be responding to posts here theSLAYER because 1) this thread is to report bugs only 2) you make stupid assumptions and accusations and 3) the other posters have made complete bug reports; there is no need for any additional information, particularly from a known hacker. Eyedol posted someone else's box to report things - if you paid any attention to the shoutbox you would know that that is the mod Eyedol (who doesn't hack by the way), and the box linked is someone else's. If you're not going to contribute bugs you shouldn't be posting. As for my bug report... https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=5092268 That should not have metadata as it's an event. I think there is also metadata for Black with the event OT. Edit: Entralink Pokémon used to have a message when the PID is invalid. What happened to that? It's not there anymore for both starters and everything else. Also, it doesn't take into account what Pokémon can come from what game version. ie. Unova dex Pokémon from B/W1. B/W1 exclusives can be obtained in B/W2 via demo mode, then later registering a B/W2 game. Since the chance of that is low, there should be an orange message giving it a caution.
  15. Since there's a Pokémon legality issue caused by patching the JP Bonus disc to distribute to NA Colosseum saves, I've decided to take care of it, and put the saves on a single Colosseum save. Also, I have them as .3gpkm files. I'd rather not say what the issue was, but trading between NA and JP saves back and forth took care of it. Also, I tutored them Mimic and Metronome over Confusion and Recover. RNGAgetoCelebi..zip
  16. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=5034837 Phanpy can be tutored Endeavor in 4th gen.
  17. Local Wondercards need to be added to the database manually. Until then, they appear hacked.
  18. The tool can't submit berries that you don't have. Just use any berry you want
  19. Make sure you actually have the berries that you enter in DW.exe. Otherwise you don't get the ones from ice cream game.
  20. You shouldn't be extracting .pkm files if you want things to work properly...
  21. It appears that the eggs from My Pokémon Ranch are set to have their level met as 1 instead of 0. The LA currently flags this as illegal.
  22. I don't know how good poffins can be for raising contest stats in 4th gen, but in 3rd gen it is possible to max out all 5 contest stats apparently... though that requires 4 people (not just 4 GBAs). Thus getting master rank ribbons in all 5 categories isn't impossible. You don't even need to max the contest stats to win them all - I've got all 3rd and 4th gen contest ribbons with ~180ish in all 5 stats. It is possible to get ~180ish in the 5 contest stats with just one cart, though that requires the stat pinch berries (all but Liechi are from Col/XD, Liechi is from Mirage Island only). Edit: Could there be a question in the FAQ regarding how to get the favourite Pokémon to show in the LA and Battle Vids?
  23. This isn't with the LA itself but... for the Spanish translation, Farfetch'd is missing in the drop-down list of Pokémon.
  24. I noticed that eggs hatched in B/W2 that have all flawless (or 30s) for IVs have a red flag for IVs. However, it also shows up for eggs with the egg received location as Link Trade. Could there be an orange message saying "Probably edited or RNG abused on another game" instead? Edit: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4094553 That wondercard that I downloaded from this site isn't on the LA. Same with the Sceptile from my account.
  25. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=4080228 The egg hatched location must exist in the game version of origin for 4th gen format eggs, unless the Egg Received location is Link Trade. Example, in Solaceon Town does not exist in HG/SS. Edit: Could there be mouseover text for CntSt to explain that it means Contest Stats? Also, come to think of it, that applies for 5th gen eggs, but even when traded (ie. no B/W1 version w/ egg hatched at Virbank, or B/W2 version w/ egg at Route 10). Just not 4th gen eggs in 5th gen format (hatch location becomes Poketransfer). Oh and of course, Cold Storage and PWT have the same hex for the location.
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