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  1. I've read in depth guides and followed them to the letter but my first Pokemon is still hacked in some aspects according to Pokecheck. This thing expires in 22 hours https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=9957370 All seems good enough except for DW ability. I added "1" to the end of "extra trash bytes" in OT/Misc tab, that should mean it's a DW ability. And It's also telling me "Spikes" is hacked, "event only" move... It's an egg move. edit: Could someone upload a sample .pkm file that was done right? PS. I only want to make them legal to send them through Pokebank so I can breed them with legit
  2. Ok I get it, so they're only legit as long as I transfer them to X/Y or another game? That somewhat makes sense to me, but I'm asking basically if hacking the ***event***** that's already wired into the game, like the Enigma Stone key item, will result in a hacked Pokemon... I'd think the Pokemon is already locked in the game naturally until you unlock it with a key item like Azure Flute or Enigma Stone.
  3. I searched and found these codes for 4th and 5th gen to rebattle legendary Pokemon (including the event codes for Arceus, Mew, Celebi, etc...). http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120711054951AA86ohP you can find more if you search yourself. I know hacking two Pokemon into the game for breeding purposes creates a legit Pokemon, I used to do it and will probably CONTINUE doing this if Pokebank allows hacked Pokemon to be transferred (which I'm seeing, it does). Does this logic apply to using Action Replay device JUST to *unlock the events*, and then catch the Pokemon normally?
  4. What's the latest functioning AR that works with 3DS xl and all previous models (DSi xl, etc...) for 5th gen pokegen?
  5. Just wondering... How much longer will the period of "hack-free" Pokemon last? And how many people can hack the games currently
  6. I think you're spot on with the Lumineon example. I'm trying looking at this issue through a broader spectrum; if it weren't for the design, Pokemon would be walking stat charts and you'd always chose the strongest stats... But if they didn't have designs, Pokemon would be a game of strategy that I'm no way interested in playing. I'd rather play chess with my grandfather and build a better relationship with him through that rather than "Stat-chartmon" with people online. You can call me an asshole for that but it's the aesthetics that initially draws me to the Pokemon and helps them grow on me
  7. Thank you for the correction. Somebody has been writing fake articles.
  8. I accidentally voted for my favorite pattern which is definitely not the colors that my area has. I think white Vivillon is the coolest but High Plains is just my favorite, easily. It has striking shades of brown and green/yellow stripes make it look like Rasta, also it's called High Planes which is rather fitting.
  9. Check to see if your Alakazam has a blue pentagon in the summary. This is a hack check, if it doesn't have it then it is hacked. If it does have it, it's at least "authentic" in the eyes of Nintendo.
  10. (please let this thread stay, or PM me so I can edit it.) This needs to be addressed:why do they keep making awesome pokemon and give them next-to-nothing, low as dirt stats? Game Freak always does this and they've now pulled it with practically every Pokemon in the Kalos region, under 5 of them are way stronger than the rest and will be seen more than anything else in wifi battles. Does anyone know someone in their group in person, seen an interview about their creation process or something? I know they don't care about tiers made by fan groups like Smogon but in Japan they play by their ow
  11. wow, cool I had no idea you could do this... that's awesome, I can't wait for X & Y backup-ability to be announced. This is the first Pokemon game I've gotten over 300 hours of gameplay and still not tired of, I'm awaiting this with extreme patience.
  12. One problem, it has given me the same 8 pages of Pokemon (some repeated). Is this because I don't have enough dream points? When I watched the DW.exe load, it only loaded the Pokemon i'm seeing now on the website... So I'm thinking it won't render every Pokemon until I manually earn dream points... Or maybe I should just try repeating the process to see if I get a different result. I'll update late Update: Nope, still the same to no avail. Any way to switch the Pokemon you find? I tucked in a normal type hoping to get Eevee, but I only had 200 points before applying this "hack" which isn't en
  13. I feel you, I would if I could but after my Genesect ended up with a sassy nature I just got tired of it. If I took the time to learn RNG then I'd give up cheating forever. And, save? What I do is plug the action replay in, make the codes, and manually activate the codes with the game and AR in the DS. I'm using an actual game not a ROM so I wouldn't know of a safe way to plug it into a computer.
  14. Precisely the issue. Is there a recent guide to traded event pokemon (Shaymin, Celebi...) on pokegen?
  15. I've searched for this thread and couldn't find it so delete this if you must. Hi, I have never tried making event pokemon that didn't originate from Black 2 or White 2. I'm trying to make a basic Victini but fail at making them legit pokemon. I succeed at every other attempt, even at making legit traded pokemon, it's Pokemon that can't be bred and must have "Event" checked that I have problems with. The way I check for legitimacy is by talking to the random match up girl, who won't allow hacked pokemon. I use the PID setting to make them legit, btw. I put it on 10 or 11 for "Event pokemon",
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