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  1. the pokecheck is correct, the combination of those egg moves are illegal, the selfdestruct move only can get by a Munchlax from the pokewalker course Champ Path and it isn't a egg move on 3rd. Gen.
  2. the offsets: ruby/sapphire 0x03004360 emerald 0x02024190 J 0x020244EC U firered 0x02024284 leafgreen 0x020241e4 are the same for Wild Pokemon?
  3. the script only run on R/S?, 'cuz i try on LG & E and it doesn't work
  4. sorry my mistake, i checked a Latias with a Water Spout
  5. good work but the region info is missing
  6. probably the PCJP 2003 egg was cloned or its bad hack
  7. thanks for the contributions but all files only can be loaded with pokesav bw english v0.06b-z2 by totodile, 'cuz if them are loaded with the pokesavbw v0.06c (japanese version) or other version are showed are wrong files, i think the last version of totodile have a problem when convert to .pkm
  8. Could you change mine to DarkSteel please?
  9. they are hacked, all JEREMYs Haunter and MAchoke envolved when Nintendo distributed them
  10. i think that all legends in level 70 are hard to caught but the hardest location of a pokemon is the Feebas' location in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  11. i downloaded the usrcheat.dat from gbatemp database but only contains 4 cheats and only work 2
  12. someone in secure posted the manaphy egg file from Pokemon Ranger 3 (JP)
  13. you can rename them with the correct name (japanese) in the japanese rom non-patched
  14. Pokemon isn't translated into Portuguese, only the promo is in Portuguese, Nintendo sell the US version for Latin America
  15. trash bytes are fixed? beacuse some GBA are showed as Invalid and NOK Rayquaza & NOK Manaphy still as Mystery Gift (Hacked)
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