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  1. first of all, use pokegen, not pokesav; it's buggy, as you can very obviously see with the telltale 236 bytes for a gen5 pokemon, instead of the proper 220.
  2. So... you're saying that with the assumption that everything on smogon is wholly clean and legit, and everything not on smogon is obviously a hack. I didn't think anyone could really be that ignorant. Not a chance. .. Do you even know how it works? If you did, you would definitely not say that. That's fine.... ... as long as you give proper credit, and don't, via the lack thereof, mislead people to think you wrote the entire thing.
  3. Oh please. No, he did not. I've seen that app every day since it was first put up, and he did not add the disclaimer until Bond called him out on it yesterday. No, it's a stupid idea. Pokemon don't just circulate on Smogon; they often come from other forums, where guess what? People can RNG! And even if they do it legitimately, they'll be marked as hackers because they're not on a list they weren't even aware of. Not everyone who can/will learn to abuse gc is on smogon. Kindly remove your head from those idealistic clouds.
  4. Unless you can rip your sav off your cart and extract that way, and unless you can have someone with a R4 export the .pkm for you, there's no way.
  5. .. and why would you need the PID in the filename? o_O
  6. ... Are you talking about PokeCheck? AFAIK, Make-A-Wish GTS is a 'giveaway' of 'legits'. It would be easier for them to export the .pkms from a sav, than uploading all 120 or so via Pokecheck. http://www.pokecheck.org/ Pokecheck here. edit: not totally true, using different flashcards, there are other ways.
  7. *advocates plugin* It isn't going to hurt you to have the characteristics, you know.. it's more work for me to change it around than it is for you to deal with it being there. it isn't that big of a problem, is it? i also have rng'd pokemon, but i don't see it as a huge issue. Took it out because it's a waste of a lot of time and pretty much.. useless. (waste of time, as in I'd have to create a library with ALL exp/stat data, and then add the extra party data for any box pokemon so I can return a HP value that pretty much no one cares about. ..it's basically worthless.)
  8. arcee

    PKM concept

    Stats would reset to normal in box.
  9. ... if you know it's not PokeGen's fault, then why is the title of the thread "Pokegen keeps ruining my pokemon I send to my DS"? To narrow the issue, have you tried using Pokecheck.org? You're sure you're using the correct generation of distribution?
  10. What are you using to send the Pokemon to your DS? You're setting the pokemon properly, yes?
  11. Pretty sure that's considered the language. Region != language. When you say region, people tend to think of the game the Pokemon originated from. It surely can't be that difficult to tell events apart by their OT name. Some are pretty obvious, and if you open it with PokeGen, it tells you the language info in the first tab. I'm sorry, I just don't really see it as something that's really that important. Most event collectors have their stuff organized considerably well anyway, and wouldn't have a need for it.
  12. By region info, do you mean the 'hometown' of the Pokemon? Not sure what you mean.. region has never mattered when collecting events, as far as I've known. o_O
  13. Why? see above: Give me a couple good reasons why and I'll consider it. You need characteristics for event pokemon with the same OT/ID/nature. Same as above; if you want it done, you'll need to convince me.
  14. then tell me why traceback gave me that error. 'pkm' is an array. also, you never mentioned you were using pydoc.
  15. Updated. See OP! Now in C# :3 fixed characteristics, too.
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