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  1. Is it me or Celestial Tower 5F is missing in the encounter slot?
  2. Extract with Nitro explorer? and editing in hex editor?
  3. Hi, After I have edited my HGSS rom, I find that it crashes and freezes after I edit the Wild Pokemon encounters.
  4. What workaround is there? And certainly I am not sure if I know the hex locations of the Pokemon in HGSS though. Anyone with experience in hacking HGSS?
  5. Does anyone have a English translated POKEMAIN Files? Now that Megaupload is gone.
  6. Is there a wild pokemon editor for HGSS? I was using PPRE a while ago. But it crashed my game especially after a certain section. Has anyone encountered the same issue?
  7. Ok the patch has been created. Use Xdelta to patch the rom. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  8. Ok my apologies I will be going to make a patch first.
  9. During my playthrough of Generation V of the games, I felt that some pokemon especially potentially powerful species are only available after the E4, including ones that involve Fishing or only at Victory Road. These powerful species being late bloomers will not make it in time for the trainer, assuming that he is not using Pokesav, to train them to a point they are capable of taking on the Elite Four and Team Plasma's elite members. To add salt to the wound, the creators of the game actually only allowed fishing to be accessible after the E4. So the player will have to contend with fewer species to choose from within the game! This is only made worse with the fact that White Forest or certain routes are only available after you defeat the E4; Some of those routes contain many potentially powerful species too. This hack will seek to resolve the issues by changing the encounter locations of certain species as if they were an ecology and also gives the player more choices to pick for their next fighter in the team. This hack will not add Pokemon from previous generations unless they are to be encounter in that place only after the Elite 4. Pokemon Black/white is now also more of a hunter's expedition because some good species have be edited to be rare so the player is going to have to go through a few more wild encounters before you will encounter that "potentially powerful" or rare species for your team. Testers and suggestions are welcome Credits Myself-- Siam on Project Pokemon/ FlameEntei on Pokecommunity. Drayano – the first guy that I knew that who how to edit wild encounters in B/W Aragornbird- For teaching me how to edit wild Encounters Kazowar- Evolution editor Andibad- For being supportive of my hack Twistedfate- Creation of the stats editor neltazero-Creation of the Wild Pokemon Editor. Features: 1. More species to catch Swamp Pokemon are also included. 2. Starters are catchable Oshawott can be found Route 1- Surf Spot Tepig can be found at Dreamyard- Grass Snivy can be found at Pinwheel Forest[inner] 3. No need to fish to encounter some species Surfing routes that are available before the elite 4 will have fishing exclusive species available during surfing and surfing rare spots. 4. Gym Leaders are stronger Gym Leaders will not be so easy to defeat as their teams become a little more diverse in their moves. The first 4 gym leaders will have Pokemon of slightly higher levels. Somewhat at above 20 and below 30 Changes v1.0: Wild data Route 1 Route 2 Dreamyard Route 3 Wellspring Cave Pinwheel Forest outer Pinwheel Forest inner Route 4 Desert Resort Relic Castle Route 5 Route 6 Route 7 Route16 Lostlorn Forest Mistralton Cave Driftveil Bridge Celestial Tower Download
  10. I got tired of editing Pokemon data via the Hex editor... So I am thinking putting this project indefinitely until a 5 gen Pokemon editor is out.
  11. Ok I now seek someone who can disable that boy with the monkey.... a play test in the game has shown that the player is very tempted to catch the monkey in a prior route that is Route 2 which I have hacked to have encounters of Pansear, Pansage and Panpour
  12. Hey I want to ask as anyone missed out a Trainer which is Bianca when she is at Route 2?
  13. Pokemon Wild Black will be available for Testing very soon. Look out for it!
  14. Btw Twisted fate, There is a list here that mention the Pokemon encounters within the black and white roms. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/RNG/Black%20Slots.html http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/RNG/White%20Slots.html
  15. But how do I disable the monkey boy? I certainly would want the player of my hack to hunt for Pansear, Pansage and Panpour in Route 2 so as to give the player a message; Use your brain and strategize how to beat the Striaton Gym Leader.
  16. Is it possible to remove a character from the Black or White Rom? I am plannign to remove the boy who gives the player, Panpour, Pansage or Pansear because I am working on a hack that adds the monkeys in a prior route so the player will have to hunt for the monkeys himself instead of a Deus Ex Machina.
  17. At last it works... thanks for creating this tool!
  18. Just to note.. The Deerling caught at the Dreamyard are in its autuum orange color all year around. This is to replicate the Red forest due to radiation leak at Chernobyl. As usual, they will change back to the season color when you catch it.
  19. Guys sorry but I am still confused what after those symbols in the text editor.
  20. Ok I was playing with PokeTXT but however I did see some "alien codes" like \xf000븁\x0000\xfffe... does anyone know what such mean? How can I gauge whether how much text can be squeezed into the box for before the down arrow for pressing A on the DS keypad.
  21. Err sorry I am still confused...Sorry for asking a stupid question. I am using the hex editor to find those data but it has led me to places I dun recognize from my earlier editing spots. Maybe I should stick with hex offsets or is there something I got wrong?
  22. How do I find headers in a hex editor? Thanks for all the data ^^
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