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  1. Taken from the title character of the film "Dr. Strangelove", nothing too complicated, really. I just think he's hilarious.
  2. Actually I have no idea who you're talking about, sorry. Thanks for the compliment though
  3. Hell, why not sorry about the blur, it was a quick myspace-style mirror shot
  4. In no particular order: Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (if it wasn't obvious already) Requiem for a Dream Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The Prestige The Usual Suspects Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas The Dark Knight The Great Dictator Memento Miracle Mile and a whole bunch of others. I'm a movie freak.
  5. Best way to do that is start > run > gpedit.msc go to the Administrative Templates folder under User Configuration go to the Desktop subfolder, find "Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop" on the list right click on that, go to Properties, and change it to "enabled" right click on your desktop and hit refresh, and it should be gone if that doesn't work there's another way of doing it that involves editing the registry
  6. Took the quiz twice, got murkrow and then ninetales, so one of those I guess.
  7. Here: http://psycob.deviantart.com/art/SlanXP-Edition3-for-VistaBasic-68107481 It says it's for Vista basic, but if you have ultimate you should just be able to switch Aero off in the classic appearance properties menu and it should work
  8. I use rainmeter and rocketdock too, as well as slanXP even though you can't see my taskbar or any windows. It works great.
  9. I'm honestly really curious about this. Where the hell is game freak going to take pokemon for a fifth generation? We've gotten to the point where we have pokemon that are literally creationist gods, capable of altering reality itself -- and you can catch them in a little ball and have them fight for you! It's hilarious! Where can you go after this? What could be grander than the Dragon trio, Arceus and the creation myths of Sinnoh? The only thing I can think of that seems halfway interesting is to do what Klaatu said and try balancing out the existing game by trying out some new type combos, giving more physical/special moves to types that need them, expanding the possible abilities a pokemon can have, and generally trying to level the playing field so that there are less "bad" pokemon and types. Story wise, they could try balancing out the heavy mythological stuff from Sinnoh and the god complex/sociopathic power trip of Cyrus and Team Galactic with something a little lighter and more laid back, maybe some good old fashioned Rocket-style thievery? Or hell, if you want to keep it fresh, let's delve into the forces at work behind the creation of artificial pokemon like Mewtwo. I'd love it if the next "team" to appear were a group of mad scientists and you had to battle their new, synthetic pokemon before being able to capture them for yourself. Man, game freak should totally give me a job. :bidoof: As for gameplay, if we're talking about a next-gen handheld after the DS, the obvious thing to do is to give us fully animated 3D battles already for chrissakes. They could have conceivably done this with DPP and instead chose only a modest graphical upgrade over the advance games. There isn't much ground left to break in the world of Pokemon, and this is one of the few things left that they could do to make Generation V into something more exciting than "just another hundred or so pokemon in a new region" As much as I love these games, the same old shtick is getting old and they're going to have to introduce something revolutionary with the next generation if they want to give the franchise a future beyond that.
  10. Cool, plus red. I'm stealing red.
  11. amen as soon as I saw her I felt compelled to do this forgive me
  12. It's funny because it's essentially just a long, bad trip from the first-person perspective Another good, weird one is Natural Born Killers, mainly because of the crazy cinematography and the television footage/cartoons/etc randomly spliced in.
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