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  1. I'm going to bump this for the sake of question #2 - Has anyone else had trouble opening a/0/0/4 in CT2 after editing it with Kazo's BWSE?
  2. Thanks, I'll poke around in a/0/5/7 a bit then. I see that there are two "unknown items" (01AA and 01AB) right next to each other in the Bulbapedia items list that I linked to earlier. Perhaps they stand for the Regional and National dex... If you ever happen to recall any details of your search process, I'd be very grateful to hear them. Might anyone else know about my sprite-editing query, perchance?
  3. Heya, After taking an 8-month break from working on a B/W mod, I've decided to get back into it. I can see that plenty of progress has been made in the meantime, and I was hoping to catch up on things: - The simplest one comes first - the Narc location and hex values to get Juniper to give you the Nationaldex instead of the regional Pokedex at the very beginning of the game. Couldn't find it here. And would this cause any problems when you receive the Nationaldex for a second time? Best workaround? - KazoWar's BWSE - When the Pokemon sprite editing feature was initially added, I found that after using it to replace a sprite, I could no longer open up a/0/0/4 in CrystalTile2. Has this been remedied? Is Tinke now the pokemon in-battle sprite editor of choice? - This one goes out to Drayano - I've noticed that in BB2/VW2 you've added NPCs to the overworld who can give you items, pokemon, or battle you. Is this a feature unique to B2/W2, or could it be used in the original B/W? Or is this not widely-known knowledge that you wanna keep under wraps? :tongue: Thanks, fellas!
  4. I don't suppose that the B2W2 English editor would happen to work for B/W, would it? It's a long shot, but if all the relevant data for both games was stored in the same place and order...
  5. Being the un-savvy person that I am, I'm unsure of whether of not to click the "Associate to xdelta files" box. When I try, however, I get this error. Perhaps it's relevant? The previous patched rom I tried was trimmed, so I don't think that's an issue here.
  6. Oh of course. I didn't make myself clear. First I patched a clean rom with V2, Desmume stopped working right at the intro, then I downloaded and tried the same thing with V3. Same failure.
  7. I've downloaded then patched versions 2 then 3, and every time I try to start a new game, Desmume stops working right around when Juniper lets her critter out of its ball. I've had no such trouble playing the clean version, or a pre-patched version translated by that *other* team. The ProjectPokemon team seems to be much more on top of things, and I'd like to be able to keep up with the work that you guys are doing. Any idea where I could be going wrong?
  8. I'm sure that I'm one of many who are torn between rushing through the game in straight-up Japanese, and playing the game a patch at a time, so that the vast majority of the dialogue we see is in English. Might I humbly suggest keeping an update on the front page as to how far into the storyline the trainer/NPC dialogue has been translated? Or if B2/W2 are anything like the originals, then the trainer/NPC dialogue isn't exactly arranged in chronological order, which could make things quite difficult. Would it be reasonable for me to hold off and play one 90% - ish translated city/route/cave at a time? Oh and mind my asking how far into the storyline is "pure" English, give or take the odd squiggle of Kanji?
  9. Kazo - While I'm extremely grateful for your Pokemon sprite editing tool, I can't seem to open a/0/0/4 in CT2 after having used your tool on it. Might you know why, and might you know any way around this?
  10. Heya, just wondering if anybody knew the narc location for the portraits that pop up at the beginning of the game when Juniper asks you your gender. Thanks!
  11. Okay, tutorial time! This time we'll be putting a big lightning bolt on a Pikachu's stomach. Note that we'll just be changing the the pixels, and not the palette this time around. If you want to change both, follow the steps I laid out on the previous page first, then these ones. Start out by extracting two copies of a/0/0/4 (plus you'll probably want to keep a third one as backup), and open up CrystalTile2, ConsoleTool and PuyoTools (though any compression/decompression program would most likely do.) Load a/0/0/4 in ConsoleTool and find the pokemon you want to edit by multiplying its Pokedex number by 20. Like I said earlier, each pokemon has 20 files relating to it - Pikachu's files being 500-519. 518 is Pikachu's standard color palette, and 519 is its shiny palette. We can use 502 to modify male Pikachu's frontsprite and 503 to mod the female Pika's front. 511 and 512 modify their respective backsprites. In short, it's the third, fourth, twelfth and thirteenth files that you directly mod. As a timesaver, we'll only be painting a lightning bolt on a male Pikachu's gut, but the other relevant files can be modified in exactly the same way. Now switch over to CrystalTile2 and open up a/0/0/4. Scroll down to file number 502 and export it to your desktop. Use your decompression tool of choice (PuyoTools in my case) to decompress that file, then go back to CT2 and re-import the decompressed file 502. It should now have a pretty little "picture" icon and a .NCGR file extension. Right click on file 502 and select the "Retrieve Tile Address" option. Then go to the Properties tab and set the width to 256 and the height to 128. Should look something like this. See the different pika-parts? These are the "sheets" that slide back and forth over each other that Shiny Sheimi mentioned on the previous page. Now to do something about those zany colors. This was the stumbling block that I hit - if anyone can directly apply file 518's color palette to the picture we have up right now, we could save bucketloads of time. As it is, we just have to settle on the next best thing. Click on the "Palette" tab, right next to the "Properties" one that you just had up. You should see a 16x16 grid of colors. Now, we need to manually adjust the Red/Blue/Green values for each color in the top row. The correct values (and order of colors) are viewable if you open up file 518 in ConsoleTool. You'll be switching back and forth between ConsoleTool and CT2 a lot. Once you set the R/G/B values for all 16 colors, your pokemon's colors should look familiar. Export the image, then edit it with Paint/Adobe/whatever. While working your art, be sure to only use existing colors - no adding in new ones! Then re-import your altered design. After this, be sure to double-click the image - this makes it "stick". Export file 502 to your desktop or wherever, and compress it in an LZ11 format. In CrystalTile2, close the a/0/0/4 window, and open up the second, untouched copy of a/0/0/4 that you made. Find file 502 on the list, and import the modded 502 from your desktop to replace it. Save, exit, and insert this second narc back into your ROM. Voila!
  12. Thanks for the info, Andibad! I'll look into it asap. I take it that you're referring to modifying the movements of sprites in-battle, correct? If so, this is far above and beyond what I'm doing. Do you have the link to the gbatemp thread, by any chance? Edit: Success! I got around my previous problem by taking a rather roundabout, time-intensive route. It'd be a huge time saver if someone figured out how to directly load a palette for this particular type of image in CrystalTile2 - I couldn't make the entire process work with MKDS. Tutorial to follow shortly.
  13. It was my exact intention to do what you suggested. Since I couldn't load the proper color palette in CrystalTile2, I exported the image with a wonky color palette to edit with Paint. The color that WOULD have been dark blue was a purple with this wonky palette, so I used that exact same shade of purple for the bull's eye, thinking the game would automatically translate it back to a dark blue. It didn't. Thanks for your enthusiasm! The guide will come as soon as I re-discover how I got the right color palette loaded in CT2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Since my discovery was several months ago, and I foolishly failed to document the step-by-step process I took, I've been trying to remember exactly what I did to get a perfect result. I set out to paint a dark blue bull's eye right in the middle of Wobbuffet's stomach, and I *did* end up with the desired target symbol, at least. The only snafu that occurred was due to somewhat of a beginner's mistake. I couldn't, for the life of me, get an NCLR color palette to load for an image in CrystalTile2. "Load Palette", export/re-import and "DATA->Palette Conversion" all seemed to fail. The end result of this was a purple bull's eye, bumping the color count up to 17 and losing a shade of blue due to the 16-color palette size. Still, progress!
  15. Oh my gosh, thank you for the bump! My personal life had suddenly become very hectic very fast, and after that I just sort of forgot about the tutorial. I'll Post it within the next day or two.
  16. Alrighty. First I can go over swapping color palettes, then when time permits I'll go over playing around with pixels, and finally comes waiting/praying for somebody smarter than I am to show us how to edit the moving animation aspect of the in-battle sprites. For swapping color palettes, you'll need CrystalTile2 and ConsoleTool. Extract a/0/0/4, then open it up with ConsoleTool. You should see something like this: Now, each pokemon has 20 separate components - #0 through #19 all govern the mysterious question mark that you get in the case of a glitch. The next 20 are pokemon #1 - Bulbasaur. Marked are the files that actually matter when it comes to palette changing. Now, open up the non-shiny palette first, then the 4 bulba-images. So it looks like this: Now go to the color palette tab. It should look like this. See all of Bulbasaur's colors right there? Nice. Now, let's say that we wanna make Bulbasaur purple. You gotta figure out which color on the palette corresponds to which Bulbasaur color. Not too hard. Then you go and change the Red/Blue/Green values of each color you wanna change. Go back to an image of Bulbasaur, and you should see the change. A zoomed-in image: Go back to the color palette tab, and click the upward-facing blue arrow right below "help." Export the altered color palette as a .nclr file. Exit ConsoleTool and open up CrystalTile2. Load a/0/0/4, and find the file in the window with the same number as the color palette you just edited. Import your edited .nclr file to replace the existing one. If all goes well, then once you've reinserted the narc, your pokemon's color ought to be changed: Life is rather hectic right now; I'll explain how to play around with the pixels themselves as soon as I get the chance.
  17. Meh, disregard my post. Figured it out after some trial and error. I can post a step-by-step guide if anybody's interested.
  18. So, palette swaps are doable when it comes to modding B/W pokemon sprites, but I can't figure out how to mess around with the pixels for the life of me. I've used CrystalTile2 to both manually rearrange pixels and to import images, and these changes show up when I view the a/0/0/4 narc with ConsoleTool. But when I try to play the game itself, the pokemon have their same old boring sprites. Has anybody found a way around this?
  19. I tried to use it on a heavily modded ROM, and the game refused to recognize the ROM for what it was. It worked just fine on older, less-modded backups that I kept around. Now, were I to edit the specific Narc of a clean rom and insert that narc into my heavily changed game, what sort of problems might I expect to see? Is there any way around this?
  20. Going to bump this thread in the hopes that someone has discovered the location of the "Are you a boy or a girl?" images some time during these past few weeks.
  21. I haven't been following the updates on Trainer Editors for quite some time. Is it still deemed impossible to give the AI's pokemon EVs at all?
  22. The smaller window that opens up in CT2 and has a numbered list is the key. Each number up to 649 corresponds to the nationaldex number of a pokemon; double-click on it and it'll take you directly to the start of said pokemon's hex values. The list of moves is here, and I convert the numbers into hex form here. So Metal Claw - #232 on the list - would be E8 in hex. Since you're right about each move being in FF FF form, "E8" would become "00 E8." And then, for whatever reason, you gotta flip it. So E8 00 is the hex value for Metal Claw. Hope that helped!
  23. Thanks a ton, Andibad! Has anybody ever told you that you rock? 1 - Still looking for that Narc where Juniper asks if you're a boy or a girl. Any takers? 2 - Thanks for that info, Andi. Now I'm really curious about your mod's unique secret. When can we expect to see the finished product? 3 - I wouldn't be surprised if the sound effects and in-game effects for attacks were in different locations. Does anybody know how many different unique move effects (Skill Swap, Memento, Lunar Dance, etc.) exist? Then it'd be easier to search for a Narc with around that many different files in it. 4 - I'll try that program out; but can it do all the other things that CrystalTile2 can when it comes to editing compressed images? 5 - Thank you very much, this is all quite good to know. Has anybody else made further progress on understanding this area? I'm afraid that it's quite beyond my depth of ability. 6 - Of course I'll give credit. Shall I credit Project Pokemon or you personally, Andi?
  24. Howdy, good sirs; So I had several things that I was wondering about, and perhaps the collective wisdom of this board can lend a hand. Here goes: 1 - First of all, does anybody have the Narc location for the images of the two protagonists at the beginning of the game, when Juniper asks you your gender? 2 - On a similar note, is there a complete, up-to-date list of all known Narcs and what they contain? 3 - When editing moves in a/0/2/1, we can change their type, BP, physical/special/effect, accuracy, which stats are raised or lowered, %chance of freezing/burning, etc. But how about attack animations and more complicated effects - things like Memento, Psych Up, or Silver Wind's chance of raising all stats at once. Has anybody cracked this one? As far as I can tell, they're located in a different Narc. 4 - Trying to edit a/0/0/4 Pokemon in-battle sprites with CrystalTile2 - I can view the NCGR pokemon images with Console Tool, and I can open and view them in CT2. But the colors are all off, and I can't get the corresponding palette to load for the life of me. Is there any easier way to get the correct palette than entering in all the r/g/b values manually? 5 - Is there a known way to completely replace one pokemon's in-battle sprite - animations included - with another's? I tried the very crude way of using Editor.exe to extract a/0/0/4 into a folder and manually renamed and replaced all 20 files related to Lugia with Volcarona's files. The game crashed when i tried to send out the modded Lugia in battle. No surprise. I'm considering opening it up in CrystalTile and replacing 20 files worth of Lugia hex values with Volcarona's, but I somehow doubt that it would work either >.> 6 - Is there a simple and easy way to find out the properly-ordered list of trainer names that appear in section 190 of a/0/0/2 (using PPTXT)? Does anybody have a list that they'd be willing to share? As it stands, I can change names by jumping through many hoops requiring a Japanese fan-translation patch, talking to the NPC in person, and MS Word's "Go To Line" function. You have *no* idea how incredibly grateful I'd be if anybody shared an easier way... Many cheers, fellas! :grog:
  25. I hate to start two threads back-to-back, but I was wondering if anybody had found the data governing pokemon that NPCs give you. Supposing that I want to change Larvesta / the Elemental Monkeys. Where would I find the appropriate data? I've searched the forums, but my search-fu is weak.
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