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  1. OK, heres my problem; I have my microSD card in the action-replay microSD slot. I see my games flash down my screen. I click codes and it reconizes my game as Pokemon Heart Gold. So I press B and go to saves. I open the mysaves folder and find the .duc file. I go on it and press A. It says "would you like to restore this game?" If I press Yes It then says "Warning No Game Card data found?" What does this mean? Am I doing something wrong please tell me. I feel like a :bidoof: I used a sav to duc converter (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=70GQ4X4E) to make the duc file, for the sav file look at attachment. Pokémon Heart Gold version.sav
  2. If I open Codes it says "Pokemon Heart Gold" but if I then go to saves and go to mysaves and go to my .DUC file, it says "Warning: No game card Detected" Even if it just detected it.
  3. Wait to get enigma stone to work press L + R before you go into pokemart then get gift from dude wearing green
  4. this is for you sketchu, converted in japanese ::Embedded Tower Kyogre & Groudon Press Select and pick it up via Box 10 94000130 FFFB0000 B2110DC0 00000000 E0018710 00000088 5749C3F5 211C0000 2812C0FC 11F894BC 77041F18 421C8876 BE76F77D 4195C3C7 5B0DD131 412F00D9 80D3FBEE BEA9C489 3910E0CE 36C1E8BD 305644C2 E1A616D0 8A50A465 46309FA7 153E9CDB E6A68D4B 36FF5C0A 9C999F39 D37CB611 F7A813CB F81F862D 038BC881 9F871F14 1FA17A72 9CFE5298 861B1A8E 4AAA3E9B 295A2BD1 76A46478 B00DC5EE E0018820 00000088 5749C3F5 F0370000 2A730A14 6D07CF67 F8B3609E EE4AF9F0 E6E5D908 CDF3FF36 6214B73E 87CCC168 739BF1E1 5B930391 BC136F19 0804A3BA DFC39D82 E86B4EE6 E53C4432 37A1FCC0 2403E457 9154898D B3912FDE 06F6D191 B1EA5F36 32AD48FA B21BC61A 58942F4D 17C04B49 0148A3BB DA483822 E2388F40 74F4CBF3 49454618 0F842A49 7718B6F3 D2000000 00000000 I now find converting codes as a hobby its quite fun, ill do it for everyone, i made a program witch searches for a place in coedes and edits them here is japans enigma stone (L R or select im not sure witch) and pick it up in pokemart 94000130 fcff0000 62111880 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 20009e4c 00000003 10009e50 00000218 d2000000 00000000
  5. sorry these are us codes, but if you know how to convert the codes these are very usefull,
  6. I was not asking a question, I was just warning people not do use gender change on 1 gender pokemon, My game file was not corrupted, I still want that blissey. Now i have a question, If i use clone pokemon cheat on the blissey, will it have sam atttacks and ability, if not can you make a code to get it, so i can have 6 of them in my party, and a few to trade
  7. if you make a froslass a boy or a pokemon thats not supposed to be a opposing gender (froslass can only be a girl, jynx can only be a girl, and a bunch of other pokemon can only be 1 gender) and it will corupt your game file, I did not do but my friend did it on his soul silver
  8. I cant creat my own blissey, i dont know a thing about action replay! does not matter to me on how you make it i just want it, If you can make a code email it to me at game.acconts747@hotmail.com
  9. i cant do trade (I cant connect for more than 20 feet) so can it be a combo like select or L + R, sorry
  10. TID = 39016 SID = ?32574 I dont know why question mark was there, i put it in just incase, its probally useless but you never know...
  11. <p><p><p><p><p>could it be possible to have a complete game, code (you start like after you beat all gyms and red) , I dont want the code i was just wondering</p></p></p></p></p>

  12. It is good if you can make it with ar or pokesav, i just want that pokemon, i dont care about the OT but can you mail me what TID and SID mean (and how i can find what they are) , How do you know all this stuff, do you work at datel or something, can you teach me, game.accounts747@hotmail.com
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