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  1. The Pokémon Company has announced it will be holding a press conference on Tuesday, May 28 at 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time (or for those of you not in the US, Wednesday, May 28 at 1 AM UTC).


    The Pokémon Company is hosting its 2019 Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday, May 28. You can watch the event live here at Pokemon.com starting at 6 p.m. PDT. The press conference is expected to cover a number of topics of interest to Pokémon fans.

    And look forward to a Pokémon Direct on June 5 for more news on the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games.

    Last year's press conference was about 45 minutes long, announcing Pokémon Quest and the Pokémon Let's Go games. This year's is expected to cover the new Pokémon Sword and Shield games, and perhaps more.

    Watch it here:


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  2. 20 hours ago, Gam3rK1dd said:

    Will this save editor work with Wii u save files ?

    I renamed the file extension from .save to .sav and the sky editor reads and writes the save but once I transfer it to the Wii u and load game nothing is changed.

    I'm afraid I know nothing about NDS emulation on the Wii U. If the saves are imported and exported in raw format, it should work fine. If Sky Editor correctly displayed all the data, then it sounds like the save restore didn't work.

  3. Here you go. Player is a Charmander, partner is a female Treecko (not that gender matters much in this game, but because the European translations assume the partner to be female, I always make this selection). Neither are nicknamed, but you can change both from the main menu after you progress through the story some. The save should start right before the scene with Deoxys and Rayquaza.


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  4. On 4/12/2019 at 9:09 PM, Dusk-Argentum said:

    Here ya go! Thinking on it, it might be because I had to patch the save type so it saved properly when used on the 3DS Virtual Console...

    0004000000512900.gbavc.sav 32 kB · 0 downloads

    It looks like that save is half the size it needs to be, so the patch might not have worked right. Your general info and item data looks OK, but all the Pokemon data is corrupt, which is likely partly why it crashes when you try saving.

    It's been ages since I patched RRT to work on my 3DS, so I don't really remember how I did it, but this guide may help if you try again.


  5. 7 hours ago, SpencyRock said:

    Hello! Is this still being worked on?

    Yes, but much slower than in the past. My current focus is rewriting the code that extracts and repacks 3DS ROMs to greatly improve speed and to remove another barrier in the way of supporting non-Windows systems.

    7 hours ago, SpencyRock said:

    his whole thing would gain much more traction if it was moved to a discord server.

    There's no dedicated guild, but for now, I think the Project Pokémon Discord guild will suffice (link's on our chat page). There's no channels dedicated specifically to Sky Editor, but if Sky Editor becomes a more popular topic, that may change in the future.

  6. 18 hours ago, Dusk-Argentum said:

    Hi! I'm having an issue with this program. When I import a PMD: Red Rescue Team save, and try to export it (even if I didn't make any changes, also happens if I did), the editor immediately closes, and doesn't save the file. Is there a fix for this?

    Could you upload your save file, please? You can send me a private message if you don't want it to be public.

  7. When Gen 7 was announced, I was pretty "meh", at least until the demo came out. I'm actually pretty interested in this one, however. Not sure exactly why though.

    That map looks oddly linear. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet.

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  8. On 1/5/2019 at 11:51 PM, HaxAras said:

    Will this program ever allow the editing of wonder mail missions? I have a save file with the Wi-Fi missions downloaded.

    • I can't send them to my Japanese save file through wireless.
    • They don't have a password to enter. 
    • Writing the save to the Japanese cart will just delete the save file on the cart. 

    I'm sure something could be done with hex editing or something else to convert the save to Japanese but that's not a skill I have. 

    It won't be possible for the foreseeable future, but if you could share your save, I might be able to take a look eventually (but not soon).

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