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  1. I find this surprisingly game good so far. It starts out with a tutorial that feels painfully easy and very much like a tutorial: investigating obvious clues as to where two Aipom went, one of which stole a necklace. "The one with paint on its tail went that way, and the one with ketchup on its tail went that way. And we know which one took the necklace." This quickly becomes far more complicated when you find the Aipom unconscious on the ground, without the necklace. The search to find the necklace is a refreshing one that has you learn about the people and Pokémon in the surrounding area, and the game gives a good sense of each of their personalities.

    Personally, I'm not too fond of the Pikachu species. I think it's overused and overrated. However, Detecive Pikachu is certainly growing on me. Tim Goodman is clearly becoming close friends with this Pikachu, through their mutual search for Harry Goodman (Tim's father and Pikachu's former partner), including Pikachu teaching Tim how to be a great detective on the job, and even unwinding at the end of the day in the coffee shop.

    While the puzzles aren't too difficult, sometimes it helps to use the Case Notes section to organize my thoughts, which involves Pikachu talking through what we know. A lot of games have you solving the puzzles alone, but here, the game provides a competent partner.

    I really like how characterized the people and Pokémon are. Because you can talk to this Pikachu (and surprisingly, no other Pokémon), you can know by proxy what the Pokémon are thinking. For example, a scientist can't get his partner Pokémon to cooperate, and when you talk to the Pokémon about it, Pikachu exclaims something along the lines of "What, you think he's your servant! How arrogant!", all while the Pokémon darts across the room without a care in the world. This is only one example; most other Pokémon I've encountered had their own bit of personality. I'd give a few more examples, but I think they're best discovered through the eyes of Tim Goodman.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Scried said:

    Unfortunately, it's only available in certain countries (US only?) and in order to read it you have to use Apple's iBook or Amazon's Kinde. However, I got a hold on a copy and converted it to .pdf so that nobody will be limited by these rules. I am willing to share it here, but before I do I wanted to ask if it's OK? It is free after all, but as @evandixon says this is likely temporarily and it will presumably cost money at some point in the future. 

    Until we know more, I'd rather we didn't repost it anywhere. If they do charge for it in the future, it could be seen as piracy. But thanks for asking.

  3. detective-pikachu-ep-0-169-en.jpg

    Following the US release of Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon Company has made a prequel book available for free, for a limited time. It's available in the Apple iBooks Store and Amazon's Kindle Store. Here's a brief synopsis:


    Written by the great detective himself, and set just before the events of the video game, “Detective Pikachu: Episode 0—Eevee's Case” tells the story of Pikachu being recruited by Eevee to discover the scoundrel that has messed up the yard at Eevee's home. Detective Pikachu explores Ryme City, interrogating Pokémon, and tracking down who is behind this heinous crime.

    Anyone who might want to read this should download it as soon as possible. It's unclear how long this will be available, though presumably it will cost money at some point in the future.


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  4. 1 minute ago, ToneyIndiana93 said:

    When I run the audioutil, It flashes this for 1 second and then closes right after, I can't run anything with it. I tried replicating this in another command line (I thought if it wasn't 

    this command line then I could do another clean one) but the nothing really works out. I extracted the games contents with a PMD2 pack  psy_commando  made, and got everything, even though that wasn't GUI it didn't do this.



    You need to run it using the command prompt. CD into the directory the program's in, then type what's in the readme I linked. (If any path contains spaces, the path needs to be wrappen in quotation marks.)

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  5. 1 hour ago, ToneyIndiana93 said:

    Hi, I'm ToneyIndiana93

    I recently got back into rom hacking after quite a bit, and decided to start with something I never really done before, so I came to Mystery Dungeon for it (it's one of my favorite games ever). I finally got some things working, but I wanted to make a MIDI rip of the soundtrack, I got your tool for it, and I don't understand how to use it. If you could help me, it would be appreciated. I think i'm pretty stupid for not knowing how to use it, but I never used something that used that same interface before. I have all the .smd and .swd and all the data ripped and extracted but I really wanted to somehow just get MIDI's of the format. Thanks, any help is appreciated.

    The usage is described here: https://github.com/PsyCommando/ppmdu/blob/ppmd_audioutil_0.37/readmes/ppmd_audioutil.txt#L163

    Shouldn't be too much different from statsutil.

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  6. There's a forum upgrade coming at some point in the future (no eta besides "a few weeks to a few months"), and I'm working on adapting the Site Theme to be compatible with it. I'm going to try to take care to make sure all colors work well together, and that text contrast is high enough, but if there's anything any of you have noticed that doesn't look quite right, or if there's anything you'd like added or changed, please let me know in this thread, no matter how minor.

    I won't be changing the IPS Default theme, beyond making sure the logo is applied.

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  7. 38 minutes ago, Deoxyz said:

    National Dex. Collectors and completionists don't want to settle on it being PokeBank exclusive behind a paywall.

    While I do want a National Dex in the game itself, Pokebank is $5 for a year. That's less than 50 cents per month, and 50 cents can hardly buy a gumball nowadays.

    40 minutes ago, Deoxyz said:

    Less hand-holding. I'm tired of the slow and boring beginnings with forced Trainer School bullshit, etc.

    When done properly, it's not too bad. Recent games do take it to absurd levels though.

    41 minutes ago, Deoxyz said:

    Lessen the ongoing Kanto pandering, rather just have references to all regions. (Alolan forms of only Kantomon is one example of this problem)

    This. In S/M it felt like a large percentage of it was just trying to appeal to Gen 1 fans.

    42 minutes ago, Deoxyz said:

    No Kanto remakes until we at least have Gen IV and V

    Sinnoh confirmed?

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  8. 3 hours ago, psy_commando said:

    Nope, GTI works very differently inside.

    There's stuff in the works for it though! Both PSMD and GTI are very similar, so mod tools for one will most likely work for the other. @evandixon got some tools working for those too!

    The function that sets the starter in GTI inexplicably causes the game to crash, and I haven't been able to figure out why yet. It may be possible to apply some of my PSMD pafches to make it work, but there's only so much timd to go around, and I'm spending it on PSMD.

    If someone managed to increase the text speed, I'd be more willing to replay the game, and by extension, more willing to hack it. It is a great game after all.

    [Edit] I took another look at it. I have a lead on increasing the text speed (nothing solid and no change yet). Starters will take more work, since there appears to be more hard-coding involved, which makes things much harder to change.

  9. 19 hours ago, theSLAYER said:


    @evandixon we might want to add these new entries (also including the cleaned images from the other thread) to our image dex too ;)
    Here's what I can tell we're missing (sprites and official artwork)
    1. New Pokemon (Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, Blacephalon, Zeraora)
    2. New formes (Partner Cap Pikachu, all Necrozma formes, Dusk Lycanroc)
    3. Old formes (ORAS costume pikas, Ash Greninja, Spiky Ear Pichu)
    4. Random new official artwork (or newly HD) (Shiny Zygarde and Legendary 2018 artwork.)
    Bonus: and an oddity: Entry 722 is Type:Null?

    Additionally, if we're adding animated backsprites, we can add in the ones above that were compiled.
    at this point I've yet to check if Pkparaiso's download contained backsprites (they do, but I'm not adding them to the zip at this time), but Pokemon wikia certainly has a bunch.

    Here's the zip of some of them: Images for imagedex.rar
    We are also missing animated front gifs (or even basic sprites) for Costume Pikas.

    It would greatly help if you or someone could sort these into the following directory structure:

    /XXX YYYY/Animated ZZZZ.gif

    Where XXX is the 3-digit dex number (like 001), YYYY is the Pokémon name (like Bulbasaur), and ZZZZ is a description (like Normal, Shiny or Alolan). This is would be a big help because the gallery is published by an automated tool.

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  10. I figured out how FARC files work, which makes a lot more things possible. As an example, I've made a ROM hack replacing Bulbasaur and Charamander with Zorua and Eevee as playable characters. This is different from previous hacks because placeholder portraits (ones with just a background instead of images of Pokemon) have been automatically replaced with the default portrait.

    I've attached the ModPack zip file that Sky Editor creates. For those who are unaware, this zip file contains the patching program needed to patch a decrypted ROM. The .Net Framework 4.6.2 is needed IIRC.

    ModPack 1.0.0.zip

    [Edit] Some in the PMD Discord guild have expressed interest in playing as a Buizel. I replaced Squirtle as a starter to make this possible.

    ModPack 1.0.0.zip

  11. 7 hours ago, Zerea said:

    How difficult is it to go through the game's .bin files manually? Is there something available I could use or would a tool have to be written?

    Also does anybody have a download to the items_p_Sky.xlsx sheet? I keep seeing it mentioned in technical documentation and the website hosting it no longer exists

    I uploaded my copy to the tech doc.

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  12. On 12/12/2017 at 9:37 AM, evandixon said:

    We had fluid width (using all of a monitor's available width) enabled in the past, but we switched back because having limited width makes text and paragraphs easier to read, since there's less horizontal eye movement. I'll look into enabling it for just the technical stuff soon.

    I figured out how to enable it for just the tech docs section. It'll work with all currently-available themes.

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  13. We had fluid width (using all of a monitor's available width) enabled in the past, but we switched back because having limited width makes text and paragraphs easier to read, since there's less horizontal eye movement. I'll look into enabling it for just the technical stuff soon.

    When you say the theme is making it hard to read things, do you mean the colors? I'm considering releasing a new theme at some point that's closer to the IPS default theme, which should look better.

    IMO, the forum text is better than having to deal with wiki markup, but as an Editor, you should be able to edit the HTML if that's more convenient.

    The extension you linked to is unfortunately not compatible with the latest version of the site.

  14. image.png

    Download      |     FAQ     |     Support Forum

    Version 17.12.05 of PKHeX has been released, adding a few new features, legality checking improvements, and bug fixes.

    Change log:


     17/12/05 - New Update:
     - Legality:
     - - Added: RNG Frame checking for Gen3/4 Wild Captures (hold ctrl to see if it doesn't pass)
     - - Added: French Legality translation data. Thanks @Ntonio36!
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - Added: Event flag editing for Crystal/GS. Thanks @pokecal!
     - Added: US/UM Starter Encryption Constant editing (for Pokemon League cutscene) in HoF editor. Thanks @FeralFalcon!
     - Added: WIP Mail viewer/editor for Gen3/4/5. Thanks @pokecal!
     - Fixed: Gen3 Pokedex now behaves correctly (r/w for correct bitflag offset).
     - Fixed: Gen4 Battle Revolution IV read order is now correct. Thanks @sora10pls & @Remiccino!
     - Fixed: Gen6 Trainer Info editor no longer glitches out Z coordinates.
     - Fixed: Hovering over a slot 'frost' effect now has a pixel in the top right corner. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Changed: Throw type can now be saved for US/UM.
     - Changed: PK4->BK4 transfer now clears PtHGSS forms and items for compatibility. Legality not guaranteed.
     - Changed: Inventory empty slots are now no longer cleared for Gen7. Thanks @SadisticMystic!
     - Changed: Festival Plaza editor bugfixes/additions. Thanks @pokecal!
     - Changed: Translation files updated. Thanks @wwwwwwzx, @smileynation, @Ntonio36, & JoseAbad!


    View full article

  15. 794.png

    The harmony scarves are very special scarves featured in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Their origins are mysterious, and only some of the backstory is revealed later in the game.

    We can learn a little more through data mining at least. Thanks to SPICA, a tool made by @Reisyukaku and gdkchan that can open BCH models, we can see the in-game representation of the scarves. In the game's ROM, there's an archive file called gimmick_graphic_unpack.bin. Inside it, there's some models for the scarves, named scarf01.bch through scarf05.bch.

    Here's the one we see in-game:



    While this is pretty cool, it doesn't show much more than we can see from the illustration shown at the top of this post. The other files show us the actual pattern:



    The other scarf files, scarf03.bch through scarf05.bch look just like scarf02.bch. It's possible that plans to show more of the scarves were cut for whatever reason.

    Here are the raw textures for each model:


    scarf01.bch's Texture


    scarf02.bch's Texture

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  16. On 11/30/2017 at 6:16 AM, Gemzo said:

    Also, I realize that while my initial posts were about acquiring information and assistance, my recent posts have been more along the lines of issue/bug reporting. Would you rather I just put such things at https://github.com/evandixon/SkyEditor.ROMEditor/issues ? I already posted one such report there a while ago...And two more closed issues before that one, which were from when I was foolishly using an outdated version, haha... But nevermind those!

    TBH I forgot I had a backlog of issues over there. I'll try to keep a better eye on that, but feel free to post issues wherever. And don't be afraid to poke me if I don't respond in over a week, since that probably means I didn't see it, or I forgot.

    On 11/30/2017 at 6:16 AM, Gemzo said:

    On another note... This may be useful for anyone else editing PSMD scripts with the Sky Editor ROM Editor: https://pastebin.com/V61vqTi5
    These are the notes I've taken while working on scripts thus far. The lists within my notes are mostly incomplete, but someone might find it useful anyway.

    That reminds me of the page I quickly started over in the technical documentation section of this website. I'd appreciate it if you filled out this form and added useful snippets there as you find/make them.

    In other news, I updated the ROM editor to support outputting to Luma 3DS's Layered FS. (Link to latest build)

  17. On 11/25/2017 at 9:52 PM, Gemzo said:

    You're right, I was making an assumption when I thought it was the other message IDs. I dunno why I was so convinced of that, really.

    Anyway, the issue. Within the code below, seven instances of message ID 0 show up before -831791279 while using script sort. There are five instances of decimals that technically have "lone" 0's (if script sort ignores the decimal point), but I'm not sure where the other two would come from in that case, as all other instances of 0 are not lone numbers.

    This issue isn't the biggest deal in the world, as it will not happen nearly as much after you get done editing the scripts that use single digit message IDs... But, if you're using all ten of those message IDs in an already long script, then script sort will be pretty unusable for that script.

    function groundInit()
    function groundStart()
    function main02_partnertonodeai01_init()
    function main02_partnertonodeai01_start()
      CH("HERO"):WalkTo(SymPos("P01_HERO"), Speed(1.5))
      SOUND:FadeInEnv(SymSnd("SE_ENV_CROSSROAD_LP"), TimeSec(0.5), Volume(256))
      SCREEN_A:FadeIn(TimeSec(0.5), true)
      CH("HERO"):SetMotion(SymMot("EV001_CONFIRMS"), LOOP.OFF)
      CH("HERO"):SetMotion(SymMot("WAIT02"), LOOP.ON)
      WINDOW:DrawFace(324, 88, SymAct("HERO"), FACE_TYPE.SPECIAL02)


    Fixed in the latest build. It might still show short IDs out of order though.

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