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  1. SkyTemple will soon add support for editing pokémon and item spawns, so you could use it to make Rowlet and its evolutions appear in dungeons. You could also make the evolutionary items spawn on a certain floor of a certain dungeon so they can be obtained. That would surely be much easier than looking for a way to make them appear on Croagunk's shop and inside chests (an ASM patch would be required for that). I don't think footprints have been researched so far, so someone would need to find where and how they are stored and then create an editor to change them.
  2. I see that you are planning to add support for dungeon editing so I would like to help by posting everything I know about dungeon data in EoS, which I have compiled in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UfiFz4xAPtGd-1X2JNE0Jy2z-BLkze1PE4Fo9u-QeYo I hope this helps with the development and makes everything easier. I'll join the Discord too, so feel free to ask me anything if you want.
  3. After reading this I went ahead and did some research on the effects of exclusive items. I expected them to be hardcoded and basically impossible to edit, but turns out they are not! You can change the effects of exclusve items or add new ones with some hex editing. Here's what I found out: There is a table inside arm9.bin that goes from 0x98568 to 0x98CD9 which contains one entry for every exclusive item in the game, including the last 48 dummy items at the end of the list. Each entry has 2 bytes: The first one is the ID of the effect the item has, which ranges from 0 to 0x80
  4. How odd. If you remove every single ??? in the strings the game should not be able to get that value from anywhere. That must mean that your changes are not being applied (So I guess that if you change any other string unrelated to Rowlet it won't update ingame either, right?) I don't use sky editor myself, I use ndstool and statsutil with some .bat files and do the process manually. Also I have an european rom, but I doubt any of that will make a difference, the process is basically the same (Extract rom, run statsutil to export, open "romstats/game_strings/English.txt", change some line
  5. Does that appear inside dungeons too? I have changed the name of a pokemon before without any problems (I haven't tried the personality test, but the species name is updated inside dungeons and in Chimeco's assembly). I have checked and I changed the name both in the strings file and inside the pokemon entry. And if that still doesn't work you could try to replace more of the ???? in the strings file with Rowlet until you find the one that is being used for the quiz.
  6. iirc if you want to change anything related with names you have to edit the the strings file, not the pokemon data. As for the stat growths problem, looks like StatsUtil shifts them up one pokemon entry. I changed Bulbasaur's attack to +100 at level 2 and it was Ivysaur who had over 100 Atk at level 30. So you should try changing the growths of the previous pokemon on the list and see if it works that way.
  7. Hello! So I have been messing around with the assembly code in explorers of sky for a while now. I saw this and thought it would be interesting to try to find the code that prevents partners of the same type as you from appearing in the list. And I managed to find the exact instruction that has to be removed (turned into a NOP instruction) to make it happen. I tested it with an european rom of EoS, but it should work for any other version since the code is probably the same. To change it yourself, open the rom in a hex editor and search for this sequence: 000195e7 000088e1 000019
  8. The one that controls taunted status is Unk17, I've tested it. And i'm not sure about Unk16, it totally looks like it determines if a move can be used on a frozen target but I have also tested it and it's not that, you can't use tri attack on a frozen pokemon. Also Sacred fire is the only damage-dealing fire type move that has Unk16 = 1, and it affects frozen targets anyway. Edit: Unk11 is the max amount of times you can power up a move using Ginseng
  9. So I have been following this thread for a while and I have finally decided to register here and post something. First of all, thanks to Zerea for the move data spreadsheet, I've been trying to figure out the meaning of the unknown values for some time, and the data has been really useful to me. Now I will share my findings: Bitfield 2 Controls the way enemies use moves. It works the same way as bitfield 1: If a move has a value of 48, enemies will use it if there's a party member in the same room. You can try and give a value of 48 to some move like Tackle, enemies will try to hit
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