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  1. i get the same error a few times... and i dont know why,using IE 8. this is the first time that i get problems to access in this site :3
  2. i cheked them and... yes is a chance; download the trash byte fixer is posted somewhere in the forum i dont remmember wherer exactly.. i used it and the trash bytes are gone but..I saw other thing in the legality cheker it say uknown GBA TYPE, until i know that is for hacked pokemon =/
  3. try download any other event (with classic ribbon) from the site and load it on to ur flash card or normal game and the ribbon will change again to the normal description... i solve the same problem by doing that ;D
  4. hi this is a very good an interesting thread as u can see im new in the forums and im learning how to pokesav correctly... kazumi213 [or any other user] please u can post ID/SID and PVs to the following natures for a shiny pokemon like the previous post [with good IV`s]? well the natures are...: modest,calm,timid,naive, i think this will be very useful to many other user's if any person can help me i will be very thankfull :3
  5. I download and is a very good program but i have a question . I cant edit .pkm files why? is that normal?
  6. thank u sooo much....
  7. well 31 ivs in speed and sp. atack 31 for all of them
  8. hi im new in the forums im need 3 pokemons: i have a flash card so... i need the .PKM files... i have pokesav too but i cant make legendary pokemons shinys and whit 31 ivs in all stats... the Legality Checker say : hacked pokemon if anybody can make them for me i will be very grateful
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