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  1. There is a lot to be said for just playing for your own enjoyment. I would class my normal guitar (and limited) keyboard playing in that category, not that I get around to doing so very much, I can always find other things to distract me!
  2. I had a look around and that seemed to be the only Gamestop Deoxys that I could find. I could load it direct to my HG save and see of that is OK and I can create a code for Diamond from that perhaps. I tried the Gamestop Deoxys from here in Pokegen and it thought it was an Egg!! There is the Japanese Pokemon Ranger 3 Deoxys (Attack, Speed, Defence and Normal forms) if that is any help?
  3. I suppose technically my answer was relevant to this section of the forum, though it is sometimes difficult to know where to post. I see you also posted this in the Pokemon Request Forum (which was relevant for the AR codes for some Pokemon) so that is where I have posted your AR Codes
  4. Which Darkrai do you want? The Alamos is the American one, but there are a couple of Japanese ones as well
  5. Here is the code for your 4 Pokemon. Use the Select button to activate.
  6. Give Pokegen a try. It can be downloaded from here... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Pokemon-Generator-%28Pokesav-replacement-for-Pokemon-editing%29 Load the save first then you can load .pkm files (Event Pokemon link can be found on the Site page) and put them into the save (right click an empty slot on the right and select "Set from controls" and the Pokemon will appear on the right. Save the save file and the Pokemon will be on your save. You may need to adjust the information on the Met Tab to say Pokemon Diamond rather than the original information there. If that doesn't work I will create AR codes for you. What did you want as well as Deoxys?
  7. The best I can offer is a Darkrai that someone else got in their save and then uploaded a file containing it. I can use that file make a duplicate of that Pokemon, if that is OK. Trade me anything for it. This topic usually deals with people asking for Pokemon to be created for them. These are Pokemon that have never been in the "wild" but when I make them, I have a preference for creating them in such a way that if someone had caught the Pokemon in the wild and you were able to compare it to the one I made, there would be no difference. If there was a rare Shiny Pokemon that you wanted and were OK with trying this. I can create it and trade it. If you were not happy with it you could just release it. Otherwise I am not sure there would be any traders looking in this topic. You may like to try a trade request in the normal game topic as it is a specific game related request (though I can't recall seeing any trade requests in there). Another alternative is Gamefaqs I suppose as there is a Trade Board there.
  8. Bassman

    Hia! ^w^

    Welcome to Project Pokemon. I hope you find something of interest here...
  9. Your Pokemon are ready. I'll check in later to see when Trading is convenient.
  10. I have done these. I'll check in later to see when you can trade.
  11. It is a good idea not to bump an old thread. The best place to ask this would be in the RAM section of the Forum as that deals with AR codes. You could also specify which code you were using.
  12. I have no idea about ribbons! Do you know which ribbons should be excluded?
  13. This sort of question comes under ROM Editing Help (it can be a little difficult to decide where something ought to be posted admittedly). However, the Guide at the start of this topic may be of help... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6882-Tutorials-and-Guides-Directory-for-ROM-Editing
  14. All Event Pokemon come up as hacks. I had the SMR2010 Jirachi, uploaded the save and checked it and the checker said it was a hack. I'll check out GCEA Pokemon again but I am not sure there are any files for them.
  15. Sorry, I went to sleep early. I should be OK later today. What time would be best to trade?
  16. I have seen eggs with items. I am going to check now as I made an extra egg to try out on my save.
  17. I have the 6 Pokemon on my save now. FC - 0045 5592 5457 _ Roger
  18. There is no World 10 Crobat .pkm file available yet. Here is an Nzone Pikachu file...
  19. I successfully made a Shiny version of the Absol egg so that is not a problem.
  20. My first attempt at these resulted in bad eggs (used a Togepi egg as a basis) and I have no idea why. I have an Absol egg I created, that was OK, and will see if that works better. I would have done them last night but managed to go to sleep! Just to (maybe) make things difficult I am on UK time.
  21. If you want the eggs to be yours I need your Trainer Information. I can put my own Trainer Information on if you prefer.
  22. Thank you, that worked fine. The only information I could find on the Net was for the all button method.
  23. I have spent about 15 minutes trying to delete a Game Save. I have tried my DSi, DS Lite and DS. I have held A,B,X,Y,L,R while I switch on and after I switch on and I cannot get to the delete game save screen. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Any thoughts?
  24. Keasheam what is your Trainer information?
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