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  1. Can anyone make these for me?
  2. Well, second request... If someone could change the record of my ponyta to Flash fire instead of run away. It would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey I was wondering if someone could take my Ambipom and change the ability to technician for me, then trade it back?
  4. A question I have though. Can an egg be given an item when you make it then I'd be able to receive item? I entered items on off chance that they can be given.
  5. Well, remove shiny and see if that works. Since I realized they wont hatch shiny and stay shiny. But everything there shuld be possible. Lol I stay up late so UK time is fine. I appreciate you doing this.
  6. You can just have them be yours if you don't mind.
  7. I believe it's Up + Select+ B at the title screen.
  8. I will post friend code once I get my game back in a couple hours.
  9. Can I ask, why are you giving him EVs in Sp. atk, when all his attacks are Physical?
  10. Hey UnderxRay, I am actually going to use this FC instead of the one I originally posted.... FC: 0303 1966 2740 Just let me know when to trade please.
  11. FC: 0732 6563 7001 I want all of these in eggs, i don't care about the IDs or OT. Location met is daycare man? the date can be the day you make them.
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