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  1. Yeah he actually shared with me his brilliant method! Thing is, it's slightly different when it comes to vb.net Rubenpikachu also shared with me his awesome codes for the program, So give me a while to adapt alright
  2. Hello all! This Program was originally created as a Proof of Concept that stemmed from the Studiosmons research, but subsequently got updated to operate as a basic functional sav editor. If you want to download the latest version, head over to our downloads section: Previous post/full content: PSI v1.5b..zip PSI v2.0b..zip PSI v.2.1b..zip
  3. They turn into egg. As long as your view summary, or do anything that causes a summary check, Such as battling or using items, tms and such, they turn into egg . Immediately depositing it prevents that, and we can apparently use it on wifi battles, But besides that I'm stumped. Plus I have no way to encrypt or unencrypt them. If I did, I could change levels and moves. So far pypkm hasn't been working for me either. And you can't edit them on Pokegen EDIT: In the mean time, I'm seeking for people with knowledge on vb.net or able to encrypt/decrypt .pkm files, Or people who are able to level up their studiomons (lol at the term). I'm almost done with the injection portions, Just need to "convert" all pkm bytes to code for vb.net EDIT: The program is up: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?26325-Studio-Pokemon-Injector.&p=155170#post155170 Any complains/bugs do let me know. Use at your own risk.
  4. In earlier posts we've already tested it and it does not work. EDIT: With my limited knowledge, I'm compiling the final pieces of the program. I'm unable to unencrypt them, so their levels are still at 5 And I can't level them up with rare candies. So unless someone has a way to up their levels or receive starters at level 100, We'll be stuck for a while. Program will be in another thread
  5. theSLAYER

    Therian Forms

    If I remember correctly, it isn't the Pokemon that activates the event, It's the act of receiving the pkm from 3DS link that triggers the flag.
  6. It's not going good for the program. I've managed to inject pokemon into storage boxes, But the game won't load them. If I were to inject back the previous values I replace into the save, It loads. It means that the program would have worked fine, But there's checksum somewhere that needs to be changed that I'm not aware of, And I do not know where or how to find it. EDIT: Despite not being able to "find and solve" the checksum, I found a way to bypass it. Once I dump all the Studio Pokemon, I'll upload the program. My suggestion for those following: Keep your box 1 free for the time being
  7. Hey dude. At present I can't put them into pokegen or anything, so I'm not sure how to generate the codes. In the meantime, I've been working on making a program to allow inputting of such pokemon. Encountering some coding errors here and there, might take 1 to 2 weeks, if I learn how to encrypt pokemon files. (insertion isn't the problem, it's the encryption)
  8. Hello Everyone. I'm attempting to learn how to Encrypt .pkm pc files for black 2 saves. Using http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/Pokemon_NDS_Structure on Visual Studio 2010 (vb.net) I've managed to learn how to "Shuffle blocks ABCD", But when it came to: X[n+1] = (0x41C64E6D * X[n] + 0x6073) unencryptedByte = Y xor rand() I can't seem to get it right. For my file, the checksum is 6F 11 (will is then trancated to 116F) My bytes doesn't seem to convert correctly. First Spoiler is my coding (which I may doubt in structure), Second spoiler is original post: EDIT: SOLVED With RubenPikachu's help
  9. Hello Everyone! I've searched on this thread, and cannot find rebattle tornadus codes. Any ideas if there is this code? Thanks It's alright, completely missed it. Though I was wondering, Rebattle Tornadus for Pokemon Black (K)?
  10. As a disclaimer, I'm not a hacker or anything, Just someone who randomly read stuff over the place and pieced together solutions. Below is the methodology that worked for me, Which was used to hex edit the pokemon in the download in replies above. To point out, most likely none of the studio-hex edits will work, Because programs like Pokecheck and Pokegen will check for if the pokemon ID is valid, (Invalid hex means invalid pokemon, so they programmed it to work till genesect). Correct me if I am wrong, doesn't ir-gts-bw works with B2W2 also? Anyway try sending a normal pokemon before sending a studio pokemon. Aim to look for maybe more buggy or less thought out versions of gts sending programs and stuff. Good luck Honestly, I suggest you the following: 1. New Sav file on japanese game. 2. Computer anywhere code (code not seem to out for US game yet, thats why I specified jap game) 3. Starter Mod Code 4. Recieve another starter (not sure if this code even exists). 4. Defeat first gym and trade. Loop for infinite Actors BOLD EDIT: Genius. I totally did not think of trading them: Pretty Weird to see my own thread quoted on youtube LOL.
  11. Okay, since you insist, let me breakdown my process: First file, created a random Zekrom using pokegen. Hex edited Zekrom to change its species to Genesect (it appears in pokegen, means I hex edited correctly) Last file is mecha tyranitar. Zipped them all up. If it works, I can hex edit others for you. EDIT: I forgot the extension .pkm for genesect Hex edits..zip
  12. Codr, I am grateful for all the work you have done up to now, and I'll gladly "donate" (or would pay be a better word?) for these services I'm looking forward to future releases!
  13. Not to raise the "piracy" questions unnecessary, but it is not communication compatible with flashcarts right?
  14. The thing is, even after hex editing it, you can't load it via pokesav or pokegen cause importing will cause the entry to appear as empty, if I recall correctly. That is cool. too bad we can't use them
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, Your hypothesis is to... Scenario 1: Make a mecha tyranitar egg and attempt to hatch it and after it hatches it won't "try to hatch". I think doing this will instantly result in a bad egg that won't hatch. or Scenario 2: Have an egg left at the daycare centre? Going by that, carrying normal eggs won't hatch too. I'm sorry but I really didn't get your hypothesis D: PS:I'm not being sarcastic, I really don't know what you meant
  16. A theory, I haven't tested: Lets say make a Genesect, give it its attacks. Export .pkm, hex edit the species number to your choice. Use pokegts or any fake gts server to distro back into your game. (Importing into pokesav wont work cause its not programmed input pokemon numerical greater than genesect). Give it a try EDIT: Anyway the pokemon will still hatch, But should be usable on wifi battles. I do not condone wifi hacking, I'm just shedding light on a possibility of how he did it.
  17. I'm assuming that if we trade these eggs, there is a chance they can be shiny (like manaphy). Right?
  18. theSLAYER

    Pokemon "STAR"

    Does anyone know where is the "location" of the pokemon star (for superstars from star studios). I managed to find the location for N's pokemon (last tab of pokegen, 66c(0x42) change the field to 2) But I haven't got a star pokemon to test with. Anyone has any ideas? (or willing to contribute?)
  19. Anyway I've made another one using Mei's Mugshot and Minccino's background! Mei..zip
  20. Hello Everyone! I think the inclusion of Cgear skins to Pokegen is awesome! Anyway, Custom Kyurem Skin (Kyurem is from the intro to B2W2, background is PorygonZ skin) kyurem..zip
  21. Is there any way to change the pokemon's present animation? Just asking EDIT: Thanks for the awesome program! I've managed to use it!
  22. Personally I don't have this problem, and I feel that the method of fixing it is pretty clear, But I believe that there will be people out there who don't know how to hex edit and will mess their own saves up without backup. Perhaps in the next release you can add in a "detect and correct" option? Just trying to contribute
  23. Hey Bond. Not to cause any trouble or anything, but your codes run awesomely fine on Desmume, But is there any chance that the code doesn't work one Acekard? I'm playing on the Patched game from here. From my knowledge, you code works with every step taken right? Apparently when I use it on my Acekard, Nothing regenerates per step (not even dowsing slots). Just wondering
  24. Two methods: 1. View the pokemon then "Save pokemon from tabs", then drag the file into pokegen. 2. Drag and drop between windows. (already mentioned by Evandixon, just reiterating) Always "view" and "set". (this is to ensure that they are filled into your pokedex, make sure your options "Update pokedex on set" is checked
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