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  1. Excuse me? I believe PKHEX is now incompatible to my Windows XP. Because, why? It Contains 4.5 Net Frame thingy! I'm very angry, since the PKHEX is updated to include PK2 transfers, and I think you make a program based on PKHEX (updated versions and all). Thanks in advance!

    Sorry, I am not speaking well. I'm too immature to do things.

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    2. TheShinyMew


      Maybe you can ask someone to make a PKHEX based program for me.

    3. InsaneNutter


      The real problem here is your using Windows XP. XP was released almost 16 years ago and hasn't received any security updates from Microsoft for over 3 years. Even Windows Vista, the successor to XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.

      You might well be able to upgrade your PC / Laptop to Windows 7 depending on the amount of ram you have. Or depending how technical you are then you could also install Ubuntu Linux which is free, setup wine and install the .NET Framework to use PKHeX, people have managed to use PKHeX on Linux.

    4. TheShinyMew


      I may stick it to something, but I'm afraid that these may damage my computer.

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