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  1. try looking into HGTS or IR-GTS. also, are you running skype or any other program that uses the web? because often times they use port 80, which all the programs need.
  2. distros? do you mean legit events, or hacked GTS?
  3. also, can you link me to the site? it sounds like you got duped.
  4. what do you mean, generator? Random Number Generator? Save editor? any of those?
  5. you can learn the moveset/ability of pokemon on http://www.serebii.net just use their pokedex.
  6. see, you can program a pokemon to have literally ANY ability and/or moveset, so yes, yes you can. Just set the moveset/ability to match the version you want.
  7. So is an external IP still needed? And if so, would a proxy help?
  8. I've tried pokegen. still too old, doesn't have a 5th gen library as of yet. Thanks for the GTS thread. EDIT: nevermind, beta pokegen works. thanks.
  9. Hey all My last thread where I attempted to ask this got removed from the general B/W thread because it didn't apply (grumble), so here goes. So, I've been wondering The GTS system has changed enough that, from what I understand, sendpkm, HGTS, and the like can no longer distribute. As such, I was wondering if someone could tell me how far we are from a new working system (or link me to the main thread?). Also, I have been attempting to open some of the new .pkm files in pokesav. what i have found is the result of opening a victini.pkm I got in a mass zip file (attached below) of all the pokemon from this generation except for 3 (forgot where I found it, but I did not make it). pokesav recognizes old moves. however, it does not know what pokemon #494 (victini) is, and therefore cannot read it. As such, it would be possible to make a new gen pokemon, as long as you had a preexisting file. you could then maybe edit the ivs a bit, etc, but you would not be able to edit in any new gen moves, you would not be able to max the stats because pokesav does not know the actual pokemon also, the area caught becomes turnback cave instead of libery garden. this is because ( I believe) this area has the same corresponding area number in DPt as liberty garden has in Black/White. obviously, if you want to do any major .pkm creating, this would not work due to the aforementioned limitations, which leads me to my last question anyone know when there will be a program that can edit 5th gen .pkm files without these limitations? --hedgeberg 13277-Pokemon Black & White 2.rar
  10. when you downloaded HGTS, did it come with a folder (or zip file) thats called DNS? if so, run the file "DNS_server - autoconfig" then, make sure you're using the local IP (192.168.1.XX, XX being whatever importance your router determines it is) as your DNS server then boot HGTS, and try downloading a PKM file now heres the important part Record what the DNS server command window says. Make special note of the red stuff, as those indicates semi-major or major issues whenever something goes wrong, theres usually an abundance of that stuff. then post the results Also, by the way, have you been trying to connect to a private server DNS (192.168.etc...) or have you been trying to use a public form (your computer's IP) Public tends not to work in my experience.
  11. nope. dealt with this problem when I first started using sendpkm Skype and utorrent both block port 80, but I close them when I start up HGTS.
  12. I want to use one of the GTS softwares (I have sendpkm.py, HGTS, and ir_gts) to set up a distribution system so that I can send some .pkm files to my friends. anyone want to help me set this up? because regardless of what I do, I can never get these programs to distribute publicly on my computer's IP address. it only works locally (, the routers IP address). So, anyone want to lend a hand?
  13. huh. I've been having similar problems myself have you tried rebooting? I've come to find that after your computer is on for too long, the wi-fi card stops working as well, leading me to suspect that heat gets in the way shutdown your computer for an hour or so, then turn it on, free up port 80, and try again. also, reboot your router judging by the struggling connection attempts, your router may be inconsistent try those, then come back.
  14. Hey, I know this isn't in request format, but can someone upload the .pkm files for the recent event where mew and the dogs were distributed? I tried ripping them from the .pcd file, but it turns out really poorly, and I lack the know-how to fill in. Anyone willing to help?
  15. gotcha. so, maybe I should invest in a new acekard...
  16. Is it possible to make the router behave like a Redistributing DS? I'm willing to bet that theres a lot less (if any) certification going on in that connection then there would be between the D.S. and a DNS server. Just sayin' to be honest, I have virtually no idea what I'm talking about, and you've probably already considered it, but I thought I might as well mention it.
  17. hey poryhack You posted on my thread that you were making progress (albeit slowly) on this care to give a current status report?
  18. yeah. Red text that says something like "connection attempted, source was not DS".
  19. hey, i've been having lots of trouble with GTS_nuker. The problem is that When i try to "check gts status" it quickly give me an error screen, like the DS won't eve connect to my computer. IPs are correct, and both the fake GTS program and the Send PKM program are open. What do i have to do? EDIT: just noticed that the Send PKM file seemed to get a connection, but didn'y think it was a ds.
  20. I recently became interested in editing GBA roms. Most programs out there make it difficult. would you guys consider adding GBA game compatability? also, will you add a sprite editor to the pokemon edit screen?
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