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  1. This isn't actually related to the post you were referring to, but do you have any idea how difficult modifying the PersonalInfo to have the Evolutions info accessible (for use with supporting a "make all/most species have matching randomized types/abilities" type of functionality) would be? I've not dug too deep into the codebase yet, but figured it couldn't hurt to check and see if my idea had either already been considered and passed over, or just not attempted yet due to lack of interest, rather than complexity? (Ultimately what I'd really want is to have all of the randomizable things dumped to json files, which I could then modify with an external script, and then re-import into the project, but I'm assuming that's more than a little out of scope/improbably difficult to do)
  2. I'll need to verify if I can find out what the codes actually get - the only QR codes released were for the japanese release, but I found a collection that was QR code+Password that I'm able to parse with a QR reader, so I'll need to correlate the passwords to the items.
  3. I can post at least 15 of them, if it'd help. They all appear identical except for those two sections.
  4. The odd part is that it doesn't appear to actually be encrypted whatsoever - the password is sitting there in plaintext. I'm going to try just dropping in a US password to see how it responds, but my assumption is that it won't make much difference.
  5. So I was looking through the japanese QR Codes for Mystery Gifts, and found these: Code: 8PH790HJ Decoded QR bytes: 43 00 01 95 92 23 31 20 41 10 00 40 16 51 00 03 a2 00 fd ed b4 88 6a c2 7c ad 45 6d 8d a6 00 b2 70 81 8f f3 0f f2 8f f1 7f f1 9f f1 0f f2 8f f2 af f0 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 Code: Y75FXY3R Decoded QR Bytes: 43 00 01 95 92 23 31 20 41 10 00 40 16 51 00 03 a2 00 fd ed b4 88 6a c2 7c a0 36 1d f7 66 00 b2 70 83 9f f1 7f f1 5f f2 6f f3 8f f3 9f f1 3f f3 2f f0 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 They strangely seem to be offset by one digit, and then starting around the 34th byte, the code matches in the QR, slightly shifted (11 = 1, 39 = Y, etc). The only part I haven't been able to verify is the chunk of 4 bytes around the 26th byte, which I'm assuming is likely a checksum of some kind. I figured I'd ask here to see if this is a known encoding already, in which case, I'll be able to see if I can generate QR codes for the existing known Mystery Gifts in the US version.
  6. With the GTS, what we did was set the DS's DNS to your local machine, and then run a DNS Spoofer on that machine, so you can view the requests coming and going. You might be able to capture that through your router, but remember that you'll have to sift through every other computer on your network's traffic, as well.
  7. While this is technically true, we *could* actually have a full-on fake GTS server. It's just that spoofing the entirety of the GTS communications, including the initial handshakes and the like would add a lot more code, be a lot more complex to test and make work, for not much actual extra benefit, since we can just piggyback the official servers and skip all that work. While true, I'm actually still interested in seeing if we can figure out what protocols the DW is using to communicate with the game, since sending up to 10 pkm and seemingly unlimited numbers of items all at once seems like a much faster solution for transferring pokemon than sending 1 pokemon+1 item at a time. I tried tethering my DS to my phone and running Wireshark this morning to capture the traffic, only to find that that's a really terrible way of doing things because the output format is crap, so I'm going to look into it later tonight on my desktop at home and see if I can figure out what's happening. My initial test was a bit confusing, showing both unencrypted communications and SSL communications. If it's the latter case, then it's highly unlikely that it'll work (for the same reason the Wonder Card distribution servers haven't been spoofed). I'll update this thread with more information, but if anyone is interested in helping, I'm also lurking in the IRC.
  8. http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/GTS_protocol That's a start on how the GTS works. To do what you want to do, you'd want to set up a man-in-the-middle attack, specifically looking to see if it communicates over HTTP, HTTPS, or a direct socket connection. If it's the former, then you should post what you intercepted if you need help decrypting it, because that's easy to work with. If it's HTTPS or a direct socket connection, while still possible, the additional effort involved would likely preclude serious development, since you can't easily distribute anything you find, even if you *can* find something.
  9. Citation needed. Every video game system to date has been hacked/emulated, the only reason the 3DS would be an exception would be because not enough people are interested enough to care. Given that the 3DS, unlike the normal DS, has an SD card slot (which may or may not be able to back up your save games like on the Wii, but I wouldn't be surprised), if/when they release a 3DS pokemon game, I would imagine the creation of save-file editors will be easier, not more difficult.
  10. Yes I did ban you. No, it was not unfair. Nope, mate. As far as I or almost any other moderator on the IRC cares, unless you explicitly state that you manually ripped your own legal game, it's assumed that talking about "playing on an emulator" is an admission of piracy. Because in 99.9% of the cases, that's exactly what it is. I couldn't care less about that. That's lovely. Your feelings have been acknowledged, and dismissed as wrong. We get tons of people who assume because we work with tools that deal with game data modification (which is easiest to do when you've got the files already on your computer from your pirated copy of the game) that we endorse piracy, and as such it is instead the default assumption on IRC (and presumably also on the forum) to assume that if it looks like piracy and smells like piracy, that it's begging for a banhammer.
  11. To everyone using .pkm files - ensure that the actual party .pkm file that is created is not actually 236 bytes. It should actually be 220 bytes. If it is 236 bytes, then you've not set PokeGen to run in B/W mode.
  12. Strange. I know on my network, I've done testing from DS <=> Server, and both of those are on the same network. Try seeing if, instead of spoofing a 192.* address, you spoof your public IP while forwarding 80 and 53 onto your computer, and see if that works?
  13. Thanks for your extremely helpful and useful contribution to the research here.
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