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  1. The part in brackets should be replaced with the actual name of the person. I did it like that because I'm not sure who ripped them.
  2. I'm pretty sure the models on this site are ripped directly from the game, so I think if you put something along the lines of "Thanks to [whoever ripped the models] for ripping the models from the game" you should be good
  3. You could try using the RTC reset function and set it to an absurdly high time (10000+ days).
  4. Here's a bunch from the downloads section with various starter and skin tone choices.
  5. Just wanted to add that I'm pretty sure Suicune's stats are generated way before you ever encounter it. If it's not shiny the first time you encounter it, it never will be. I could be wrong though
  6. I believe pokefinder can help with that. The GC games use a different rng than the other 3rd gen games so you need to use an rng program to find the right occurence. EDIT: Let me know if this one does n't work for you 133 - EEVEE - E58D97032B03.ck3
  7. If you're on windows CreateHardLink.exeRemove Paste Hard Link.reg should do the trick (run the exe as admin. If you want to undo the changes run the reg file.) You can copy the files then right-click->Paste hard link.
  8. If you ask nicely @BlackShark may be willing to convert EU/US codes to ES if you're concerned about compatability.
  9. You shouldn't have to reinstall if you're on desmume. AR codes modify RAM so, you should be able to just restart the emulator. You do need a save already to use the mentioned code. You can however use the code as soon as you can save ingame.
  10. There's an ar code to unlock all keys, just use that.
  11. I'm pretty sure you won't even be able to open the save on an older version than it was last saved on.
  12. I'm pretty sure the file you posted is not a proper save, it should be 128 kb
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