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  3. Warp codes technically does not warp but rather just changes the current coordinates of the player where s/he had a last game save. there is an existing code that lets you go to liberty island however the code is not as compatible to ds compared to emulators.
  4. True , it does matter. datel seem to have messed up when upon their last work on dsi and never expected the market of 3ds
  5. thinking why the hell on earth project poekmon is not on the top 5 list at ppntop50...this just happens ones in a blue moon
  6. firefox is still the best for web developers and designers but in all fairness to google chrome, it is indeed the fastest browsers now. parsing and decoding data on the front end side seems to be very good for firefox an opera however google chrome seem to outrun both in the last 3 quarters of 2011, safari in windows uses the same webkit programing of google chrome. while firefox and opera almost share the same technology the only difference is the prefix for some implementations to be used. as for css3 and html 5 support all 4 of them are superb. lastly IE 10 is on its way but the hell i care about internet explorer.I believe it is one of the rather crappy browser if not the worst.
  7. absolutely correct. but the sad part is not many sites credit the code authors and the truth of the matter is only a few does. the worst part of it is that some sites(that is including its members and owners)claim the codes and brag that they created them.
  8. it does work a just make sure to hold select+a before you enter the cave where kyurem is found
  9. most memorable moment would be when I was able to isolate the in battle Hp offset.... does that one count.. how about reverse engineering pokestocks's Black City and White forest City dwellers..and entralink items. hmm those dont count . now I remember Catching my very first Tabunne (Audino) on a very random grass while playing the japanese release, it made me realize that there are shaking grass on pokemon black and white
  10. I think Gam Freak will go beyond for Kyurem if they want to develop the pokemon's following or fanbase, look wise ans stats wise this pokemon is so broken down like you begin to speculate if such move of the desiginers was intended or they are just simply run out of time , I say if Kyurem will have multiple forms like Giratina, they better make sure that its stats are way beyond of Reshiram and Zekrom. A new movie will be released sometime soon. Nintendo/gamefreak needs to prove the importance Kyurem's existence in the franchise. this pokemon not only needs a good background story, it has another purpose and that is to fill in the story behind Reshiram and Zekrom.
  11. precisely putting that much codes or very long codes into your AR is actually a bad practice in general, even people who use emulators experiences crashes. in my opinion Ill leave the privileges of the custom c-gear skins to emulator users.
  12. too late for this reply but either way... ill reply if you've read some guides, chances are you could create your very first 32-bit constant write code, its always good to start on creating item codes for pokemon, Pokemon games has a very established coding system, Hex values are often repeated or recycled in every generations, basically in order for you to find or create a code, you need a software, and a rom, what i use before was no$gba and emucheat or emuhaste but now i use desmume. basically the goal is to isolate a particular code offset by using a particular hex marker, then make a series of changes to your marker like lets say a pokeball is A that is slot 1, do ram search with and the software will give you all offsets that has a value of A, then switch it up like let say your Great Ball is B and is on slot 2 put it on your slot 1, do a ram search again then from the pool of offset that has A value on, will be reduced to all values that has B on it. do process several times and once you have at least 1-3 offsets, thats the time to look closer. take note of those offsets then start trying them. one of these values would you item modifier for slot1 and normally for items its in array so +2 or+ 4 in the offset value would render the quantity of the item or the offset value for item slot 2
  13. to be honest I've worked on this one and as turns out C-Gear skins are essentially images in which when rendered or transformed into AR would be too huge or I should say too lengthy, think of the wordercard codes that mystery gift editor would render for pokemon black and white... Its about time 2 or 3 times of that length. so ar codes for the c-gear skins is impractical
  14. I stand corrected. I almost forgot the concept of arm9. either way I remember it now the code posted above was for pokemon white, This is the one that i use for black , 52014308 42112001 1201430C 0000d100 94000130 FFFA0000 1201430C 000046c0 d2000000 00000000 so i thought it was wrong sorry
  15. guys just first Identify which version of the game the hack was based upon Like let say Pokemon Platinum enhanced, most editors will state on which game they modified, if Pokemon Platinum enhanced is based on the US version of the game , then the action replay codes for the US version of the game will apply , if was based on the french version of the game then use the french version of the game, that is the logic behind it
  16. that is a pointer code, it should work for pokemon black
  17. faospark

    PokeSav vs PokeGen

    People complain about the ui of Pokegen, But Honestly I like in i a sense that it is compact and to be honest really easy to use. consider that i indeed i once used pokesav before and ended up with really bad pokemon even some transforming to bad eggs. transitioning from pokesav to pokegen is a breeze. Pokegen can handle pokemon data very well. i guess the reason why poeple love pokesav is because it was well designed for users who loves to have 999 items including event items and has large voice to complain and loves to think that 999 stats for all fields are possible (just my opinion). Pokegen vs Pokesav in terms of handling pokemon data is miss match . Pokegen is far more superior than pokesav . Pokesav plus Pokestock= complete tool for generation v games
  18. Browsers I Like - some comments 1. FireFox 7.0 - vindicated it self from being a memory hog, the best for web developers for html validation and css3 code implentation, has a lot of tools and plugins 2. Google Chrome - front runner in developing css3, has the slickest jquery animation, 3. Opera - second to the best in handling css3 coding 4. Safari - always kinda in the middle, consumes RAM 5. others... and will never use Internet explorer. one, what ever version it currently has right now, it does not follow the latest CSS3 standards it has very little support for html5, its coding language is always crap
  19. here is very similar font to the Microgramma Bold Extended, you can use this one as an laternative in windows 7 http://goo.gl/lFfdP
  20. that is way complex. the previous code from the japanese is very much asm driven, I dont know anybody that can actually decipher that code and port it to the US EU version and more over that code cant be transformed into pointer form... there are a lot of ways that you can change the ability of your pokemon aside from that very ambitious on status screen change ability code Nope, as long as you already have caught thundorus and tornadus and landorus the code should work
  21. watching so you think you can dance finale season 8
  22. really interesting point and analogy. and I think that is also the reason Gamfreak invented Effort values (EV) in the games . lets say for example you received Identical eggs of Pokemon having the same PID but once they hatch and you raise them chances are they wont have the same output stats.
  23. I know it is a bad example for your query but think of the official events that Nintendo/Gamefreak distributes especially the non-legendary ones, those Pokemon like the goon scizor are legal Pokemon even if you have 2 of them in your party (one you received via event the other traded with you having the same pid). The rules of legality of Pokemon is more of a conventional and implied type of rule on the part of gamefreak and us players.
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