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  1. I would like you to make some AR codes for pokemon platinum enhanced edition codes such as 100% catch rate and the rare candies and thats it thanks!
  2. Pokemon Plaitnum enhanced edition basic codes thanks!
  3. I have Pokemon Hard Gold And was wondering if someone would make codes for me any help would be greatly apprecited
  4. I need one you know with the gamer with the control pad for the eye. I need one i've looked everywhere please help Thanks
  5. Looks very useful but why is it A .RAR file and not A .EXE file?
  6. Possible but most likely u could use it in random matchup.
  7. Mainly use it for event items and re-do events and walk anywhere to get places faster
  8. Thanks so much. Thread closed please do not post
  9. Hello Strait from Pokemongts it's me philip11 i'd like just to say hi
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