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  1. As we said, making a distribution server would be very difficult. Poryhack is talking about making a client, which would be easier because you can extract the games' certificates from the ROMs. But of course, it wouldn't be able to send WonderCards; only receive them.
  2. Actually no, read my post above yours. It's been a while since the solution to fix the problem has been found. I made a post about it, but I can't find it.
  3. Disconnect from the GTS, then reconnect.
  4. I don't think so. AFAIK, it uses SSL and it would be extremely hard to reverse-engineer it.
  5. There's nothing wrong with the GTS. This is because you never connected to the real GTS before using this method ; connect to Nintendo's official GTS once and it should work better afterwards (I don't remember whether it works by simply connecting or if you have to deposit a Pokémon, I think you should deposit a Pokémon then take it back).
  6. This is because you never connected to the real GTS before using SendPKM ; connect to Nintendo's official GTS once and it should work better afterwards.
  7. What do you want to know exactly?
  8. You could try using netstat -a | find ":80" to see if there is really nothing on port 80. If it gives nothing, then that's OK and the problem is due to something else. If there is a result, see which program is running with this PID (the last number at the end of the line). You can use this if on Vista/7 : tasklist /FI "PID eq 6088" (not sure if it works on XP).
  9. Is your port 80 used by something else, such as Skype or a webserver?
  10. Well, that means your GTS server is apparently not reacheable from outside your network. If you did forward your ports properly, then you can ask someone else to try your DNS server (which has to redirect to your public IP) with both GTS and DNS servers running. That's an annoying problem; that's why I implemented an automatic public/private IP switching in my DNS server, so that when one connects from one's own network, it still works even if NAT loopback is not enabled.
  11. I didn't look at all the screenshots, but to see if this is really a NAT loopback problem, try accessing http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0 from your web browser while SendPKM is running on your computer, and see if something happens. If you want to know what GTS distribution looks like from outside your network, you can use something like a webproxy, e.g. http://www.myphproxy.com/, and go to http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0. For the DNS though, you'll have to ask someone else to test it for you. If everything is properly forwarded, there should be no problem.
  12. It doesn't work for me. I can't access my own network from my public IP when I am inside it, it's due to the router blocking NAT loopback and I can't do anything to fix it. Maybe he has the same problem, that's why I told him to use his local IP instead.
  13. Hi, Are you trying to access your public IP from your own network? If so, then it is normal that it doesn't work; you must use your local IP if you are inside your own network, and your public one if you are outside. If you are from a remote network, then try accessing http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0 from your browser while SendPKM is running and see if it gives a random 32-character string.
  14. Panda must act as a firewall too, and it blocks Python from binding to a port. That's the only explanation I see.
  15. Okay, so the solution is definitely to connect at least once to the real GTS and it should not happen anymore.
  16. As I said several times, the famous BSOD happens when the game has never connected to the real GTS before using SendPKM (HyperGTS, IR-GTS, etc. are all made from SendPKM). Connect to the real GTS once and it should be fine. EDIT : Uh, I didn't understand athiri's post properly ; so HyperGTS does not make BSODs whereas IR-GTS does ? The difference must be located in the return values then.
  17. Lol no, the problem is not WCs, it is that Mystery Gift uses SSL connection.
  18. Port forwarding is useless when you do it locally...
  19. @ Veridis : deposit your Pokémon to the daycare, the capsule wil be removed.
  20. Are you running any IM program (eg. Skype), a webserver (Apache...) or whatever that could use port 80 ?
  21. Where is it located ? The best solution is to create a blank Pokémon with Pokesav or PokeGen where the egg is located, then export it into an AR code.
  22. This is one of the first codes I posted here. It is on this post. Rename Traded Pokemon: 0204D240 00002000 This code is everywhere... Hold L to View EV, Hold R to View IV
  23. Actually it only changes the bit used by Sudowoodo, nothing more. Did you use another rebattle code ? If not, then maybe that bit is used by some other events in the game, but it would be really, really strange.
  24. Actually it does matter, I have many save files but they are either too early (e.g. with only the starter), or the Togepi Egg has already been taken. I need a save which is not too far away from the Egg, because I don't hav the time to re-do everything.
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