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  1. I'm not very familiar with Pokémon data, so I can't help you much. Did you click on the link I posted ?...
  2. PokeGen beta 17 has many bugfixes and fully translated names. I don't know what version you used but I've never had any problems with it.
  3. I would recommend you use Pokegen to make legal Pokémon.
  4. You can do some reverse engineering with Pokesav and PokeStock to find the offsets ; modify something on a save file using these programs, then see what changed compared to the original file with an hex editor such as HxD and you'll have the offset.
  5. Everything is explained on CodeJunkies Support : http://uk.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=433
  6. Is the "Firmware VCL Media file program" a .bin file ? If so, then it IS the firmware. VLC installer associates .bin files with VLC by default if you don't uncheck the option, but that's not a problem ; a firmware file is a firmware file, whetever program it is associated with.
  7. Online scanners usually don't support UDP scans, because they are a pain to perform. If you are sure the port is open in your firewall and properly forwarded, but DS's still can't connect from outside your network, it may be your ISP blocking the port ; you can't do much about that, sadly. Oh, and I was wondering ; do HyperGTS' DNS server respond with your local, or your public IP when someone tries to access gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net ? That could be the source of the problem ; if it gives your local IP to machines connected from the Internet, that can't work.
  8. Indeed, you can't close that. With some googling, I found that solution : http://www.cameroncooke.com/2009/01/25/windows-7-uses-port-80-and-makes-it-impossible-to-install-apache-solution/ If that doesn't work, try accessing http://localhost/ and see if you get something. If so, the result should give you some hints about what is using the port.
  9. What "system files" are using port 80 ? You can't have two programs using the same port, so you have to close the one listening on port 80 before you can run a GTS server.
  10. We know it works, that was the first program ever made which allowed to use a computer to send Pokémon directly to cartridges through the GTS. This topic is about Wondercard distribution, which, however, is not (yet) possible.
  11. Why would it not work with Pokesav-generated codes ? I know Pokesav is bad, but it's still useful for non-Pokémon editing, such as money and items, and the codes it creates work with any AR-enabled device (ARDS, ARDSi, flashcart, emulator...).
  12. Yes, this is the good old sendpkm.py which was born on this forum ; why do you post it here and now (it's almost 1 year old) ? Or did I miss something important ?
  13. The AR codes that work with the regular AR DO work with AR DSi. Lol
  14. Well, B/W actually do have an IR port, so it should be like HG/SS. I've never tested it myself, but I'm almost sure you won't be able to backup your save with an AR DSi.
  15. Well, I would recommend you to use Pokémon Mystery Gift Editor ; it worked perfectly for me. Use version 1.4.2 for Diamond. You may have to modify some things such as the "Corresponding Card Number" and maybe remove ID 62 from the "Used WC IDs". I attached the .pkm of my Modest Celebi, but using WonderCards allows you to reset it and get the nature and IVs you want. Celebi HVR2011.pkm
  16. And now, the French Celebi. WC ID : 62 Date recieved : 2011/02/03 HVR2011 Celebi.zip
  17. Oh, sorry. The download page is here : http://u1.getuploader.com/PokeStock/ The password is amu for PokeStock zip's ; not sure it works for other files.
  18. Mine is corrupted too ; file names look like "âeâLâXâgé+é-é+é¡é¦Ä®ò¬é+ùpêËé¦éÛé¢ëµæ£é+Ägùpé¦éÛé¢éóò¹". I'm using Vista with East Asian languages support (I see Japanese characters correctly). But the programs work properly, so that's not a real problem. The source is private, hence the translation problems.
  19. That's a kind of super-complete Pokesav with lots of new functionnalities (just like the C-Gear editor). It also supports GBA games.
  20. Well, everytime I tried using 136-byte .pkm files with my own SendPKM, it worked as I described ; that must depend on the program and how it handles too short .pkm files (as far as I remember, mine simply pads it with null bytes). That's not a big deal anyway.
  21. Being visible from outside your network is not important as you are doing it locally. A way to do the same test inside your network would be interesting though ; maybe the port is filtered by some program (most likely an antivirus if a firewall is not in cause). If you have another computer in your network, you can try accessing from it in a web browser ("" being the IP of the computer on which the GTS server is running) and see if you get a 32-character string.
  22. You don't need port forwarding inside your own network. Your netstat log shows that your DS and computer can connect to each other, so that's not a firewall issue. I'm sorry, I can't help you. :\
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