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  1. ah okay, though I didn't see any of the max revives in my inventory, same with the fossils I also added in and evolution stones
  2. Hey, been using PKHex for a long time. been using it in BD and I noticed not all the items I added in the underground section aren't showing up in my inventory nor in the explorer kit (outside of the display stands and each colored spheres, other items such as evolution stones and max revives on the other hand are nowhere to be found)
  3. Hey all, been randomizing my pokemon games and was able to do Ultra Sun and Alpha Sapphire, though I did notice when randomizing Pokémon X I was able to do it but when I put in the 1.5 update the game reverts back to normal. removing the update restores the randomizer. Is it possible to randomize the updates? I ask this cause the citra emulator has cheats that only work on 1.5
  4. Hey all, definitely love this method to edit saves on Pokémon X/Y and OR/AS. Well done!
  5. no problem, I was stumped till I got the idea to use a rom save to figure out the values
  6. I think I might have a solution to the Mr.Pokemon value using no$gba and a Pokemon Soul Silver rom I loaded my save onto Pokesav I took notice to three values for the Togepi that hatches from the egg you get from Professor Elm's aide which are as follows 44h - DD 45h - 07 46h - 80 86h - 04 remember to set both met at and egg recieved locations as 3002 (Faraway Place) these values should help making a legit Togepi from Mr.Pokemon in HG/SS
  7. ah cool although I have to ask if anybody has found the value for Mr.Pokemon yet? Cause I wanna pokesav the Togepi I just hatched
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