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  1. Trying to edit Let's Go Eevee wild encounters, but this unhandled exception always pops up: Everything else works just fine, just not Wild, so...why's this appearing?
  2. Is it possible to unlock the PSS in ORAS early? Unlike in XY, the PSS (and with it, O-Power usage, Super Training and Pokemon-Amie) is locked behind helping Wally, which requires battling May and at minimum one Route 102 Trainer (the Youngster).
  3. 010 Editor has a "Find in Files" option, so I decided to search my dumped X romfs/a/ folder (and its subdirectories) for the hex string "00 00 C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0E" (i.e. the first line of importance in the 101-byte file @Kaphotics posted in 2017). 010 found 24 instances of that hex string, all in a/1/8/9, as should be shown in the attached image. I assume that if the 24 sets of Kaphotics' 101 bytes are zeroed out, XY would have its banlist removed? Hopefully someday someone will figure out Item Clause...the only thing left that could be done to make these Battle facilities perfect.
  4. Could you please work out how to edit Fighting Dojo rematches in HGSS? Having to call each Gym Leader individually on a specific day and time, then only being able to battle them once before having to redo that tedious process, is annoying, and I'd honestly like to see it added to PKHeX. Also, seeing the new larger sprites intermixed with the older smaller ones is a bit of a bugbear for me; dunno why you removed the option to just stick with the old sprites throughout...
  5. ...Not exactly what I was searching for, honestly. I've opened my HeartGold ROM with Spiky's DS Map Editor (SDSME), and there's almost a thousand different scripts - I'm trying to find the script(s)/function(s) that handles "call a Gym Leader on specific day and time period to arrange a rematch" (in order to remove the day/time requirements), the beginning of the game (to figure out how the game chooses Ethan or Lyra for PC), and Fighting Dojo (to prevent Gym Leaders from leaving once battled). I'd like to locate them via text references (i.e. "which script/function uses Text 219?"), but annoyingly enough multiple scripts use "Message 0x2" and "Message 0x3" instead of pointing to specific Text numbers, making that approach all but impossible. I don't know how else to narrow the three things I want down.
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