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  1. i still haven't found them after half a year i just know the offsets of records stocked a tool to decrypt/encrypt the data(approximately 300 bytes) can be help hgss: 44B44 to 44CF8 pl: 461B4 to 46368 dp are not encrypted latest message seems edited by someone excuse me sir could you give some help?
  2. by my latest research result there are 3 types of triggers to send medals 1 checking trainer records and sets medal flag1+2 on 2 checking event flags and sets medal flag1+2 on 3 sets medal flag1+2 on directly if set all medal flag1+2 on will get all medals immediately
  3. it's triggered by a flag i just remember it's near to the battle records
  4. now it's possible to decrypt them of gen5 by suloku's tool and the research for offsets is nearly completed but i can't find a tool or code to do it in gen4
  5. flag1 hint medal can be received flag1+flag2 medal can be received flag2 hint medal obtained flag3 obtained(date will become 2000/0/0 if only flag3) flag4 unread(shine) i think
  6. some of the medals are caused by flags but i don't know if they are changed by event directly it's probably that records data will be checked when the game start and turns the flags on
  7. i tried to get medals legally(?) to edit trainer records but sure it's so difficult to research in the encrypted data use PokeTrainerS can edit a few parts of them i think the best way is edit in RAM just like the way in RSE&FRLG but i can't find a decrypt code these are all my researches but many medals are not caused by them 0 steps 4 times saved 8 cleared time C times biked 10 total battles 14 wild pokemon battles 18 NPC trainer battles 1C pokemon caught 20 times fished 24 eggs hatched 28 pokemon evolved 2C healed? 30 link trades? 34 link battles? 38 link battle wins? 3C link battle losses? 40 wifi trades? 44 wifi battles? 48 wifi battle wins? 4C wifi battle losses? 50 (no data here) 54 times shopped 58 money spent 5C TV watched 60 daycare sent 64 pokemon defeat 68 highest EXP got 6C EXP got today 70 GTS sent 74 mail sent 78 nicknames given 7C premium ball got 80 nimbasa stadiums battles 84 BP got 88 BP used 8C (no data here) 90 ir trades? 94 ir battles? 98 ir battle wins? 9C ir battle losses? A0 (no data here) A4 (no data here) A8 fly used(not recorded in bw) AC trash box inspected B0 hidden item found B4 pass power used B8 entralink caught BC move nice effect C0 pokewood level reached? C4 treehollow trainer defeated C8 ballon score CC pokewood highest box office? D0 pokewood total box office? D4~118 (not used)? 11C championship won -11E rested at home 120 splash used -122 struggle used 124 move no effect -126 own pokemon fainted 128 friendlyfire? -12A failed run 12C pokemon run -12E failed fishing 130 pokemon defeat high -132 pokemon defeat today 134 pokemon caught high -136 pokemon caught today 138 defeat trainer high -13A defeat trainer today 13C pokemon evolved high -13E pokemon evolved today 140 fossil restored -142 spin trade times 144~16C (not used)? 16E 170 feeling check times -172 musical attempt? 174 musical wins -176 musical attempt? 178 (no data here) --17B musical fans meet(>=2F) 17C (no data here) 180 battle institute tested 184 battle institute wins -186 battle institute score 188 vending machine used -18A royal unova ride 18C avenue joins -18E avenue shops 190 minigames played -192 souvenirs got 194 pokewood movie created
  8. thx the same data in oras is 1E860 and well after that is ending scroll data https://youtu.be/fveMe4HgPik?t=65
  9. both 1D800 i think and also records data after that such as the pokemon no. when cleared the gym, what the npc tells https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Laverre_City#Gym_Badge_Storyteller
  10. @Kaphotics i think it can be added to pkhex
  11. trainer icon is also like this and can't be changed
  12. use cheat engine or others find 59df34(h) red part is rank and green is rank point you'd better edit rank point and get ranked up by the game rank up if point reaches 5/30/100/300/1000
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