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  1. I don't know the details but isn't "Entered Hall of Fame"?
  2. offset is 1fa00 You can copy from a new save file and fix checksum by PKHeX
  3. It's so late but I found Loblolly's studio is not triggered by flag but the data you downloaded from server I copied an English data to Japanese save data and succeed to trigger it, and you can see their name is in English
  4. And here is the error when I edit JPN version Battle Hall data
  5. After editing if I only save once in the game and reset, the game will report that So I have to save twice or more now Platinum is OK Presumably this is the reason *PKHeX is also load SAVE B
  6. I found the encryption algorithm and succeed to decrypt them, researching the offsets now Is it easy to add the editor to PKHeX?
  7. No need to refresh anymore. slot1 CFED4C69 slot2 500164D0 slot3 50016683 0 Ultra Ball x20 1 Gigaton Ball x20 2 Jet Ball x20 3 Max Revive x3 4 Stealth Spray x5 5 Mushroom Cake x10 6 Honey Cake x10 7 Grain Cake x10 8 Bean Cake x10 9 Salt Cake x10 10 Smoke Bomb x10 11 Scatter Bang x10 12 Sticky Glob x10 13 Nanab Berry x10 14 Hopo Berry x10 15 Pinap Berry x10 16 Razz Berry x10 17 Linking Cord 18 Upgrade 19 Dubious Disc 20 Electirizer 21 Magmarizer 22 Razor Fang 23 Razor Claw 24 Protector 25 Oval Stone 26 Metal Coat 27 Reaper Cloth 28 Water Stone 29 Fire Stone 30 Thunder Stone 31 Leaf Stone 32 Moon Stone 33 Sun Stone 34 Dusk Stone 35 Shiny Stone 36 Dawn Stone 37 Ice Stone 38 Black Augurite 39 Peat Block 40-44 Mechanical Items for Rotom? 45 Slippers slot1 or all slots? random seed A00A8ABB slot2 random seed 10A052BA slot3 random seed 10A0546D 2DBE7204 stocks the pokemon you gave to npc 6EB3E8A0 is the ball you catch Dialga/Palkia, but finally it will be set to 37(Origin Ball) B8E961AD records the new! showed when you get a new item D6BD5654 is the mark of Eternal Battle Reverie and EB550C12 is the highest win-streak count
  8. It will be restored when evolves But if I edit 0x42 it will changes to HA automatically when evolves
  9. I can edit 0x42 to change to hidden ability in the past But there is no 0x42 now
  10. here's the offset in USUM 34E8 for ♂ and shiny♂ ♀ shiny♀ then platinum is 142C
  11. not changes but i found the offset in BDSP it's CEA34 far away from pokedex form in pokedex will changes every time if set it to 0 but 0 will be overwrite when see a new Spinda @Kaphotics is it easy to add to pkhex? i can find them in G3~G5 and G7 in the same way
  12. it's a new save to test that i think it's displayed randomly if recorded EC value is empty
  13. changes every time in pokedex like this PID/EC seen for the first time can be edited in pkhex for G6 pokestock2 can edit it for G3~G5 i mean in pokedex the PID/EC seen for the first time is recorded in somewhere
  14. It changes every time if I edit before see them in the game
  15. can the list be edited with pkhex? i want to make it look regular
  16. does gen8 records the received card number? otherwise may receive duplicates
  17. confirmed HM in poketch is also related to the flag i removed the flag of TM97 and then
  18. some problems have been resolved "the flags are all set on when i editing items" i said before is that all the left line(OFFSET XXX0) were set to 01 when editing items and also the latest version set all XXX0 to 00 can resolve but if use items editor they will be back i know XXX8 is sort and XXXC is count but what's the meaning of XXXA-XXXB?
  19. i used latest 21.11.27 and caused the problem and i want to know if i can repair it by set the left line to 0 because i don't know what right line means and it seems some data has been pushed to C830
  20. they may related with flags the first data is not edited at all and the second data is just open the item editor and click "save" the left line means "!NEW" viewed is the problem on the right line?
  21. now i can use HM Defog by poketch without getting it from the npc in Great Marsh i don't know if that's judged by the flag
  22. i found that "!NEW" function is different from GoPE and SW it seems there are flags mean "item viewed" in the game the flags are all set on when i editing items
  23. ←"!NEW" i tested it on a new save data i don't know what was affected
  24. i can't find different in items and event flags
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