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  1. I'm using Rudolph's Wifi tool version v0.31e I believe it was. I'm also using cycloDS Evolution with the latest firmware v1.54. I've also tried using savesender v1.1 which also sends a 256kb save file. I'm not sure how to get that one to send a 512kb file. Hope that helps.
  2. Odd when I set Rudolph's wi-fi tool to download 512kb regardless, my save file is unreadable by pokesav,(I get strange numbers and garbled data where names and stats should be) however when I let it automatically choose it's own size I get 256kb save files that do work - though with the same problems as described above (either the changes will work or the changes won't and I'll have to make a new save and try again). I wonder why this works for some such as codemonkey and not for others. I'm using the original game (three of them in fact) purchased the first day it was released. As I have said before all three give me 256kb save files.
  3. Will Pokemod be updated to include these games as well? (C'mon you know you were all thinking it!! Someone was going to ask eventually!) =P
  4. we have three copies of Platinum and all three are ripping 256kb - all of our diamond and pearl games though ripped at 512kb. I'm thinking we may need a different download program designed specifically for getting saves off platinum as someone else here had suggested.
  5. Mew has always been both cute and helpful, and with its diverse abilities - I'd say Mew wins hands down! Shaymin is cute in it's land form, but the one we saw in the movie was um... a little snobby
  6. Thank you VERY much, I really appreciate it - it works like a charm! =) Just out of curiosity, do you by chance know of any guides out that explain how create codes that use offsets & pointers? I've been using the guide found here: GBATemp A Basic Guide on How to Create AR Codes which doesn't yet include how to find offsets and pointers (though the auther says (s)he may include it at some point). Either way, thank you again for the code - it will be a big time saver for us!
  7. Hello, Sorry to bother you - I saw in the first post, and it was one of the codes I had been watching for some time now. I can't seem to find this code anywhere within this thread or the other thread with AR codes posted for platinum here. I assume that you mean that this code can be made using Pokesav but I am unable to find where it can be modified within the program at all. I DO see one for gold but not one for the coin case. If it is not too much trouble would you mind posting the code in one of these two threads so that I can finally have it? I DID try to make it on my own using methods I found on another site but when ever I think I find the address the value is stored in, it seems to change as soon as I reset the game - making my code no longer functional (I'm assuming it's one of those codes that require a pointer of some sort). Anyway, thank you again for your time!
  8. Hello again everyone! I'm, Jon - or Shade2074. I've played rpg's for as long as I can remember (starting pen, and paper and the rolling of dice for D&D). I'm and RPG fanatic! I've always enjoyed playing the DM - so programs like Pokésav and Pokémod appeal to that side of me! I like creating Pokémon for my game that would have stats similar to that which I might find in the TV shows or movies of Pokémon. I have two young children of my own who also enjoy watching/playing Pokémon as well - much of the research I do here in fact is for them. Last night I clicked my link for pokesav.org to see if there had been any updates and to follow up on a post or two and I discovered a whole new website with familliar people! I really like what I see so far! This site has a LOT of potential. I can't wait to see the site fill out as time goes on. Please keep up the great work!
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