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  1. That depends on how long you keep SRing, my Shiny Rayquaza hunt in Emerald took well over a month...
  2. You mean those stat boosting feathers? I din't know they could boost EVs over 100.
  3. Yes, the time has come! It's time for Arceus to show it's true Shiny Colors!!! That means it is possible to obtain the all the previous 493 Pokemon in their shiny forms. Though there's still no Legit Arceus that can have 255 evs in one stat, I don't care, as long as I can get the Shiny God of all Shiny Pokemon.
  4. How do get to the High link? (You know, that green and white Pokeball area on the map)
  5. That's incorrect, the Bonus discs CAN MAKE shiny Celebi and Jirachi. What do you mean GC games don't make shinies, I saw a Youtube video of someone battling a Shiny Shadow Sudowoodo that was under Miror B.'s possession in Colosseum. Said video:
  6. Yeah, I kind of forgot about that, sorry. I don't think anything can be done about that, though, you don't even need to send Celebi to a GBA game if you have MCBackup on your SD Media Launcher.
  7. Assuming dream world Pokémon can be shiny, I'd choose Arceus considering it is the ONLY Pokémon you can't get Shiny...LEGITAMITELY. I'd be okay with Manaphy winning, too. Again, assuming dream world Pokémon can be shiny. Since in order to get Shiny Manaphy, you have to trade the Manaphy egg with to a game, hatch it, if it’s not shiny, send it to another game (you could possibly end up doing this OVER 9000!!! times) or you can RNG it to be shiny on another game (definitely something I can’t do). Though if Dream World Pokemon can't be shiny, then I'd still choose Arceus because it's also the ONLY Pokemon that you can't have legitamitely with 255 evs in one or two stats, due to that stupid event one being at Lv. 100...
  8. Fire Emblem 12 is *cough*thegreatest!!!*cough*
  9. That's what I thought at first, but I edited it out of my post. Anyways, today you get to find out what eeveelution you get, and I got... A Flareon! It may because I chose Vulpix or because I had a Flareon on my team, though I used to have both Espeon and Flareon on my team, however I gave Espeon the boot to make way for Pikachu. I would back up my Pokemon Black .sav, but it appears that Guested got a Flareon, too.
  10. I think I just found out something. If you find encounter 1 Pokemon while you're in a maze, then when you get out, a Legendary Pokemon could be there. That has to be the way you encounter Legendaries, because, whenever I encounter more than 1 Pokemon, there's a normal Pokemon at the end of it. However, nearly every time today I encountered 1 Pokemon in a maze, there's a Legendary Pokemon at the end of it. Though I think I'm wrong.
  11. I have one more question, if I transfered a Celebi from a hacked ISO which transfers the Celebi directly to English Colosseum saves, then will Celebi's name in English or Japanese?
  12. The first random shiny I found in my Pearl was a female Zubat, I was triyng to train Kazza (an Abra you get from an in-game trade) and...well: Me: I'm getting tired *Does another battle and a Wild Zubat appears* Me: I should get to bed *Closes DS lite and about 4 seconds later* Me: !!! That was a Green Zubat! I'm sure of it! *Flings DS back open, then throws a Duskball, then closes DS* Me: I'm going to bed... *the next day...or a few hours later?* *Opens up DS and sees the Duskball shake 3 times before it successfully caught the Zubat* Me: This would make a fine member of my team for my SoulSilver playthrough on September 12. And now she's a Lv 63 Crobat on my english SoulSilver cartridge save which she settled into about 7 months ago (yes, I said 7 MONTHS AGO, the save was originally a Japanese one before I put it on my english cart).
  13. The first shiny I randomly encountered on my Diamond was a female Bibarel. Truth is, I was trying to chain for a shiny Gastly that day, so I activated my Pokeradar and then walked into a normal patch (it wasn't a shiny patch, trust me) of grass and this is what happened: *Battle music plays and I notice something odd about the Bibarel's darkened sprite* Me: *My jaw drops because I realize it's shiny* *Bibarel locks into position, makes it's cry and a bunch of stars appear* Me: It's shiny? No! That can't be right, I thought I couldn't tell between a Shiny Bibarel and a normal one... Oh well, I'll just keep it like I would any other shiny. *Throws Dusk ball and captures Bibarel* Me: Yes, now I'll put my DS up for the day. Later that day(about 4 hours later), I somehow fell asleep while I was supposed to be doing my homework, and my Dad decided to be the ass (excuse my language) of the day (he has this title nearly everday) and take my DS while I was in the bathroom :confused::mad::confused::mad:(he didn't know I played it earlier that day), I'll never forgive him for doing a dirty trick like that ever again.:mad::mad::mad:(I bet none of your parents take your DS for stupid reasons such as this, that's to anyone under 17 and living with their parents).
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