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Pokemon Ranger 3 - SIX WONDERCARDS! - help us get them!


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Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and knowledge, we now have all of the Wondercards!

Special thanks to Poryhack & NTR, without them it would not have been possible.

You can find them here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5164-Event-Contribution-Collection&p=67568

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added plural, two missions are currently available
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How do you even get the Deoxys Mission to look locally for other players?

I have more than 3 DS' and more than 5 Flash Carts and I haven't gotten anything to show up. I also don't think it's like the Manaphy Egg Mission where you have to have a certain Mission done in the Main Game.

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I tried to send the Manaphy's Egg of the Spooky's save on my Soul Silver Version and a new option to receive the egg appeared on the screen. It was between the mystery gift and the options of the Wi-Fi. On the main screen (when there are the party, new game, pokéwalker...) a message appeared for the Manaphy's egg. Before to receive its, it wrote a ID and numbers. I hope to give a good explanation ;)

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