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PKHeX - How to put a checkmark on a Ribbon when editing generation 8 Pokémon data?

Khodor Salame32

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Dear ProjectPokemon, how do you put a checkmark on a Ribbon in the Pokémon's summary when editing generation 8 Pokemon save data? For example, when I put a checkmark on the Master Rank Ribbon of my Cinderace; the game would say "Go Cinderace the Rank Master!" Is the "Obtained" field of the Ribbon also editable? Thanks again for your help and support.

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  • Khodor Salame32 changed the title to PKHeX - How to put a checkmark on a Ribbon when editing generation 8 Pokémon data?

If you're making a single change:

Select 0xE8 under Extra Bytes, and changed the assigned value away form 255, to whatever value your ribbon is.
(I don't know what the value of the ribbons are)

If doing multiple changes:

This is the line in batch editor. Change -1 to the ribbon you want to be affixed.


And no, I don't think you can edit the obtained data.

Presumably this is the data for the ribbons:

0 Kalos Champion Ribbon
1 Champion Ribbon
2 Sinnoh Champion Ribbon
3 Best Friends Ribbon
4 Training Ribbon
5 Skillful Battler Ribbon
6 Expert Battler Ribbon
7 Effort Ribbon
8 Alert Ribbon
9 Shock Ribbon
10 Downcast Ribbon
11 Careless Ribbon
12 Relax Ribbon
13 Snooze Ribbon
14 Smile Ribbon
15 Gorgeous Ribbon
16 Royal Ribbon
17 Gorgeous Royal Ribbon
18 Artist Ribbon
19 Footprint Ribbon
20 Record Ribbon
21 Legend Ribbon
22 Country Ribbon
23 National Ribbon
24 Earth Ribbon
25 World Ribbon
26 Classic Ribbon
27 Premier Ribbon
28 Event Ribbon
29 Birthday Ribbon
30 Special Ribbon
31 Souvenir Ribbon
32 Wishing Ribbon
33 Battle Champion Ribbon
34 Regional Champion Ribbon
35 National Champion Ribbon
36 World Champion Ribbon
37 Contest Memory Ribbon
38 Battle Memory Ribbon
39 Hoenn Champion Ribbon
40 Contest Star Ribbon
41 Coolness Master Ribbon
42 Beauty Master Ribbon
43 Cuteness Master Ribbon
44 Cleverness Master Ribbon
45 Toughness Master Ribbon
46 Alola Champion Ribbon
47 Battle Royal Master Ribbon
48 Battle Tree Great Ribbon
49 Battle Tree Master Ribbon
50 Galar Champion Ribbon
51 Tower Master Ribbon
52 Master Rank Ribbon
53 Lunchtime Mark
54 Sleepy-Time Mark
55 Dusk Mark
56 Dawn Mark
57 Cloudy Mark
58 Rainy Mark
59 Stormy Mark
60 Snowy Mark
61 Blizzard Mark
62 Dry Mark
63 Sandstorm Mark
64 Misty Mark
65 Destiny Mark
66 Fishing Mark
67 Curry Mark
68 Uncommon Mark
69 Rare Mark
70 Rowdy Mark
71 Absent-Minded Mark
72 Jittery Mark
73 Excited Mark
74 Charismatic Mark
75 Calmness Mark
76 Intense Mark
77 Zoned-Out Mark
78 Joyful Mark
79 Angry Mark
80 Smiley Mark
81 Teary Mark
82 Upbeat Mark
83 Peeved Mark
84 Intellectual Mark
85 Ferocious Mark
86 Crafty Mark
87 Scowling Mark
88 Kindly Mark
89 Flustered Mark
90 Pumped-Up Mark
91 Zero Energy Mark
92 Prideful Mark
93 Unsure Mark
94 Humble Mark
95 Thorny Mark
96 Vigor Mark
97 Slump Mark
255 (Unselected)


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