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It was announced by PokemonGoLive.com, that for the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Pokémon, an event to celebrate Kanto will be held. (As explained, the focus is on Kanto, because Kanto is the region that started it all)

By purchasing a paid ticket, players will eventually be able to capture a Shiny Mew. It is not known whether Niantic will hold an unpaid version of a Shiny Mew event in the future.

At this moment in time, while it is expected to be able to be transferred to HOME, there is no confirmation on the site regarding whether this Shiny Mew can be transferred to Pokémon HOME.



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Do you know if this will be something like the shiny Meltan events where there's a small chance of it being shiny or if there will be there be a guaranteed shiny Mew? (I only got Go for the Meltan, so I don't know how most of these events work.)

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14 minutes ago, RJR_Kaito said:

Anyone get one yet?

It's not out yet.

To be more specific, the quest is available, but owning a Shiny Mew in GO is impossible at the moment.

Part of the quest is to send 151 gifts to friends.
(And that's just quest part 1)

Which one cannot reasonably do in the next few days..

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3 hours ago, King Impoleon said:

That s not all, 

at the end of the research task you have to make 999 great throws

Yup, there could still be more "waiting" past that stage.
Even if you rushed the first stage, you're stuck at the second stage with a time lock.
Who is to say there isn't any more time locks :(


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1 hour ago, SpringtraP-MasK said:

its kinda unfare tbh, they know people want this and will try and rush it so they put up as may road blocks as posable to make money when you fish up

As far as I can tell, all of the Mythical events via Special Research in GO (ignoring GO fest day quests) has been time gated up to this point.
(It appears that the paid Genesect day ticket is the exception)

Species Requirement Comments (if any)
Mew Battle in Raid Twice (3/8)
Battle in 10 raids (6/8)
For free players or players not willing to spend for premium passes,
without abusing the lobby glitch, they are time gated.
Celebi Visit PokéStops 7 Days in a Row (6/8)    
Meltan Battle in 2 raids (3/9)
Battle in 10 Raids (6/9)
For free players or players not willing to spend for premium passes,
without abusing the lobby glitch, they are time gated.
Jirachi Spin a Poké Stop 7 days in a row (6/7)  
Genesect Doesn't appear so. Appears to be an exception
Doesn't appear so. GO Fest exclusion.
Shiny Celebi Defeat Jessie or James 4 times (3/4) At minimum, you gotta set aside 12 hours for 2 rocket balloon spawns.
(Each spawn is 6 hours, without modification on game master side;
each spawn is normally at the 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock mark, for both AM and PM.)

However, if you're unlucky with RNG of the spawn (you get regular Rockets),
it will take much longer.


Additionally, they have said something to the effect of "this Mew quest is meant to take time". (They even said so in the initial announcement, before people decided to pay for tickets (if they did).


Initial Announcement

Their FAQ page

So frankly, whether anyone thinks it's fair or not is up to each individuals' interpretation, but at the very least, one should approach this (and in some cases, should have approached this) with reasonable expectations; it's not like past instances and their official statement didn't lay it all out for us..


[Additionally, ignoring the fact of whether you paid, some may argue that Shiny Mew, given how limited/rare/exclusive it is, should not be easy to obtain]

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the first legit way to get one shiny mew was a old sea map in jap emerald, and the event is not available anymore, the non shiny mew is obtainable for everyone in GO and take long time to complete like the other mythicals in the game wich their availability is at hand of everyone even free players, obtaining a shiny one should be realy hard to earn, so i think is ok with the actual way.

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