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  1. My issue is that I have some Pokemon in White that I am unable to transfer to the newer games (PokeTransfer won't accept them). I believe that the only reason for this is that there is an issue with their EVs. A decade ago, I may have used some cheat that increased the EVs above the maximum, and now I can't reset them. I have at least a couple hundred of each of the EV-lowering berries. However, no matter how many of them I use on the Pokemon, it keeps saying that the base stat was lowered, and never gets to the point where it says that the stat is as low as it will go. I would like to make these Pokemon legal again and be able to transfer them to the newer games. So, I think that to do this I need to reset the EVs. Clearly, the berries aren't going to work, so I figure I need to edit the save somehow. My question is, what would be the easiest and cheapest way to do this? I have a DS Lite, but I don't have a 3DS I can hack (I use a friend's for PokeTransfer). So, I imagine that I will need to either buy a 2DS to hack or get an Action Replay and use that to edit the EVs (if that is even still possible). Does anyone have any advice on the easiest way for me to do this?
  2. Does anyone have an extra US code? I can give my extra European code for it
  3. Do you know if this will be something like the shiny Meltan events where there's a small chance of it being shiny or if there will be there be a guaranteed shiny Mew? (I only got Go for the Meltan, so I don't know how most of these events work.)
  4. Will you post the code (assuming it is a code) here when it's shown?
  5. So, to clarify, both codes can definitely be redeemed starting August 7th? That seems like the most reasonable option; I just remember that, with the original release date, the redeem start dates were different. Edit: Seems like this is the case, based on the translated version of the webpage.
  6. I made one here. I double checked it by going through all of the HOME Pokedex on mobile. It should have all boxable forms.
  7. Great, thank you! So yours lets you scroll between the two identical sprites?
  8. In HOME, it says that there are two forms of Rockruff. My guess was that it counts the Own Tempo one as a separate form. But on Reddit somebody said that he had an Own Tempo one and it didn't show that as the other form in HOME. Can anybody confirm what the second form is?
  9. I would love one, much appreciated! Edit: actually, I was able to get one elsewhere, so someone else can have it!
  10. Am I missing something or does the page linked not mention a distribution? The English version of the page says the following: The Japanese page says essentially the same thing
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