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  1. Will you post the code (assuming it is a code) here when it's shown?
  2. So, to clarify, both codes can definitely be redeemed starting August 7th? That seems like the most reasonable option; I just remember that, with the original release date, the redeem start dates were different. Edit: Seems like this is the case, based on the translated version of the webpage.
  3. I made one here. I double checked it by going through all of the HOME Pokedex on mobile. It should have all boxable forms.
  4. Great, thank you! So yours lets you scroll between the two identical sprites?
  5. In HOME, it says that there are two forms of Rockruff. My guess was that it counts the Own Tempo one as a separate form. But on Reddit somebody said that he had an Own Tempo one and it didn't show that as the other form in HOME. Can anybody confirm what the second form is?
  6. I would love one, much appreciated! Edit: actually, I was able to get one elsewhere, so someone else can have it!
  7. Am I missing something or does the page linked not mention a distribution? The English version of the page says the following: The Japanese page says essentially the same thing
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