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Regis Trio Hadou Event Found?


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Encontré unos Regis de Evento japonés bajo el nombre de Hadou.

Estaban en formato .Pkm de 5gen. así que hice una recreación exacta para la versión 3gen.

Pero según PkHex los marca como Ilegal. 

Sería alguien tan amable de revisarlos? 

PD: Los encontré en PokeCheck.


I found a Japanese Event Regis under the name of Hadou.

They were in .Pkm format of 5gen. so I made an exact recreation for the 3gen. version.

But according to PkHex it marks them as Illegal.

Would you be someone so kind to review them?

PS: I found them in PokeCheck.

377 - レジロック - Regirock Hadou E2B75BEB7CFB.pk3

378 - レジアイス - Regice Hadou 2 E86E9ED25BDA.pk3

378 - レジアイス - Regice Hadou C16C32367C5D.pk3

379 - レジスチル - Registeel Hadou 1B09F94A2760.pk3

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6 hours ago, ICanSnake said:

There are many Hadou Regis available, but all of them are either available in gen 4 or higher. The problem is that there's almost no more Hadou Regis that haven't been transferred from gen 3, and aren't recreations.

That pretty much is it. I think we have the Gen 4 ones somewhere, and 2 of the gen 3 ones on our event gallery (I think they were from ahiru wonderland)

In the mean time, @Sabresite what do you think about the ones attached above?
(edit: oh these are recreations, oh boy)

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We don't know the full formula for Hadou Regis. We also don't know the trash data. Therefore recreation is not a good idea.

As for Pokecheck, I have all of the not-obviously-hacked private uploads. It's not possible to determine a formula since I don't know which (if any) are legit.

As for known legits, I know of 2 Pokemon in 3rd gen format and they are with private collectors.

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The two legit Hadou titans we have are actually from a little bit more private collection related to たかさん.

「カリスト」さん 「ジラーチ」「メタング」「ソーナンス」


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