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  1. I see where you're seeing the error, but placing it in a position in the box makes it legal. Although, placing it in the box inherently modifies it to fix some inconsistencies. Is this your self-caught Raichu, or did you receive this Raichu as a pk7 file from someone else? There is nothing wrong with the Raichu itself, the only thing it's detecting is the Latest (Not OT) Handler, so I would believe you obtained this as a pk7 from someone else. It's detecting that the handler is still the OT of the person who caught it, but putting in a trainer name for the Not OT Handler will fix it.
  2. Not necessarily illegal, but you should put a value on it anyway. In LGPE as well as SwSh, every Pokemon that is legitimately generated in-game gets assigned a random height and weight value. For Bank to Home transfers, none of them will have height or weight values (0 for both). If you made this Seismitoad with SwSh origins, it would be good to put a random value (between 0-255) for both height and weight.
  3. I self-obtained many NA Giovanni Mewtwos (ID 191104) in November complete with video proof, and I noticed that some of my Mewtwos have the ability listed as Pressure (1), and others have ability listed as Pressure (2). The Pressure (1) Mewtwos are fully valid through PKHeX, but it isn't detecting validity in my Pressure (2) Mewtwos. I talked to theSlayer and he reminded me there are no abilities in LGPE so they get assigned after the fact. Valid Mewtwo with Pressure (1): Invalid Mewtwo with Pressure (2): @Kaphotics Thanks!
  4. With the Roaming IV Glitch, any Latios caught in Ruby (or any Latias caught in Sapphire, or any beast caught in FRLG) can't have good IVs. Unfortunately without changing something else, you can't do anything about, such as if it was a Latias caught in Ruby/Latios caught in Sapphire (you can make it come from Southern Island). It was fixed in Emerald though. What I suggest doing, along with changing your IVs/Nature/PID, is changing the origin game from Ruby to Emerald, because roamers in Emerald have natural IVs.
  5. Pidgey can't be caught in Route 101 in ORAS at level 5: Follow a correct met location, such as make the Pidgey come from an egg.
  6. No. Since gen 1 and gen 2 have no connectivity to gen 3 or higher (disregard Virtual Console), it wouldn't be legal to place them in a more recent game. The most you can be able to do is back them up as .pk1 and .pk2 files on your computer. If they get sent to Virtual Console, SM USUM, or SwSh, they will be considered illegal. They will only be legal if they stay in your original games or as the pk1/pk2 files. As long as you can archive it, it would be great!
  7. Yes. I'm sure it doesn't have a static PID, as I have another set of the Birthday Pikachu and Eevee, both with unique PIDs.
  8. I redeemed two events in Mystery Gift. Redeemed the first one (Birthday Pikachu), tried redeeming the second (Birthday Eevee) but it said I could only redeem one per save. Backed up my save on PKHeX, and reloaded the same save file, one where I didn't use the code to get Pikachu. Redeemed Eevee, and backed up the save. They both have the same PID. Different EC, different IVs, different Height/Weight stats. So I'm wondering, when is the PID determined? Is the PID pre-determined based on the save file? Or was I just extraordinarily lucky? Let me know if this hasn't yet been researched. Thanks!
  9. Are these your own photos? These are some of the same photos that were used as picture proof on an interesting Meowth. https://imgur.com/a/xhXxk 07133 ITA ROCKET Meowth [Rash] July 13, 2013 (Likes to thrash about) HP 39 This Meowth popped up with this picture proof claiming to be legit. It has an extra space character in the OT name ("ROCKET ") in PKHeX which marks it as illegal, which is the same as your wondercard upload. As far as what me and Sabre determined, the OT was modified automatically via PokeGen. Have you used PokeGen to extract these wondercards, or are you very positive your wondercard is not modified?
  10. Galar-bred Bronzor can't learn Explosion. Set it to an Alolan-bred Bronzor and transfer it up through Home.
  11. Ranked only allows Galar bred Pokemon to compete. You will need to either breed them in Galar or edit their met data.
  12. This is different. What TC wants is a gen 7 Vulpix that learns Toxic as a TM, a gen 8 Vulpix with Memento as an egg move (Memento was only added to Vulpix's egg move in gen 8, and Toxic was removed from Vulpix's moveset), and breed them together in gen 8. There's an exploit in SwSh where one parent will learn an egg move from the other parent without having it bred onto it.
  13. PKHeX doesn't have checks in place for the Home gifts yet. If you obtained these yourself, you don't have to worry about them. It will get added to a later version of PKHeX. This is an illegal file, there are certain pieces of information that are static for every Home gift and can't be changed.
  14. Sounds like what Kurt was talking about here:
  15. Yep, correct. On Serebii's movesets, any move with a -- in its level column are default moves when it's hatched. They will always be in the relearn movesets unless you have more egg moves on the hatched Pokemon than it has default moves. For example if you want to add 3 egg moves to Grookey, the relearn moveset will not have Scratch (because it was overwritten by the third egg move), but it will have Growl as its first relearn move.
  16. No, I didn't say get rid of. I said add it to your current moveset. Each Pokemon egg has default moves that it learns upon being hatched, and any egg moves are added to those default moves. Quick Attack and Endure are default moves, and Cross Chop is an egg move. This is what you should be seeing.
  17. Endure isn't in your current moveset. Remember you can't yet use the Move Deleter on an unhatched egg. Be sure to fix your Encryption Constant too, and remove the checkmarks on the relearnable TRs.
  18. ICanSnake

    Movie Shaymin

    Germany and Italy distributed the Shaymin in FRE language, so GER and ITA can't exist for it. The wondercard is extracted from the correct distribution but the language was a mistake by the people who made it.
  19. Interesting. This answers a different question I had about a Dusclops that my friend caught. He also caught it in West Lake Axewell, but Dusclops can be found in nearby Watchtower Ruins with a few weather patterns. I did a little more digging on Diggersby and that might not be the case. Apparently Diggersby can be found in West Lake Axewell, it's just not shown on Serebii's overview, only in the details: PKHeX isn't picking this up, I guess. I believe this encounter needs to be added.
  20. 660 - Diggersby - B644939D606B.pk8Hey. I'm not sure if this requires its own topic or if I can post it here. But a week ago I was finally able to dump my save file using the non-homebrew method. I've been looking through my Pokemon, and the latest version of PKHeX fixed a few issues some of mine had with traded egg memories. But some of my self-caught Pokemon still have issues, and it makes them seem illegal. On SwSh release, I went to the wild area and I caught a Diggersby in the wild area. It's level 15, the dynamax level tells me it didn't come from a raid, so it must've been a strong spawn or a wild encounter spawn. It's self caught and I never touched it, so I know it's perfectly legit. The problem that PKHeX sees is that its met location is "at West Lake Axewell (in a wild area)." It's marked as invalid because according to encounter tables, that's not where you're supposed to find a Diggersby. You can find a Diggersby in East Lake Axewell, but not West Lake Axewell. But I caught it there, so it can't be invalid. What happened? File is attached. Edit: Added a Dusclops I mentioned in a separate post. 660 - Diggersby - B644939D606B.pk8 356 - Dusclops - 77E06160378D.pk8
  21. When I open up PKHeX and set it to a blank gen 3 Sapphire save file, I tried to import some pk3's I have just to view some info. When you drag it to the left side where the Pokemon information is, the pk3 drops successfully. But when I try to set it to a spot in the box, or if I drag it directly to the box, this error message pops up: Dragging into boxes works fine when you load an existing save file though:
  22. Yo SS, is that really you from back in the day? I remember you when we event traded nearly 10 years ago (wow!) back on Neoseeker and such. My username was Pokemaster if you remember me
  23. What generation is the save you're editing from? Keep in mind that for met locations on gen 3 and 4 Pokemon in a save file that's gen 5 or higher, Poke Transfer would be the option you'll put.
  24. As long as you have a Japan region 3DS, whether it's stock or you changed your emuNAND region to display Japan, you will be able to redeem the Necrozma code. It won't work on NA/PAL/TW/KOR region 3DS.
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