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Gen VII PGL Download Regulations

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This thread is about Battle Regulations that are available to download at the Festival Plaza in SM and USUM. They can be used for battles against friends. More details can be found here https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/dl-regulation/


How do I use this?
- export your games extdata with a save manager like Checkpoint or JKSM
- in the extdata navigate to the folder /user/reg, this is where regulation files are stored
- chose regulation files for your language and rename them to match the naming scheme (see below)
- import the extdata back into your game

Naming scheme
You can have up to 12 regulations at the same time. The files get numbered in the order you downloaded them, starting with 012 and ending with 023. So any other file name that does not match 012, 013, ... , 023 will not be recognized by the game.


Sun & Moon
- 2017 World Championships Rules
- Battle of Alola
- Alola Friendly
- Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble
- tiny tourney
- Weakness Cup
- 2017 No Holds Barred
- Mega Melee

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
- 2018 World Championship Rules
- 3rd Pokémon Dragon Cup Preliminaries
- Johto x Alola
- Ultra Sinnoh Classic
- Ultra Kalos Classic
- Ultra No Holds Barred
- PJCS2018スペシャルカップ (JAP only)
- Let's Go! Cup
- World Championships Friendly
- Pokémon VGC 2019 Sun Series
- Ultra Spooky Cup
- Simple Symphony
- Pokémon VGC 2019 Moon Series
- Pokémon VGC 2019 Ultra Series
- PJCS2019スペシャルカップ (JAP only)
- Ultra Final Online Competition


Download (updated: 2019/12/28)

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I would love to have every single regulation/cup file from both online and local tournaments but it seems impractical. I have some of the local tournaments from dumps, but definitely not all of them.
As for the online regulation/cup files, I have over 200 of them. It is difficult because the cup text is localized, but the regulation files are in Japanese. I am not even entirely sure on the format of these files.

Lastly, I am not sure what we can do with the regulation/cup files. You can inject them via EXT and run your own local battles?

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57 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

Lastly, I am not sure what we can do with the regulation/cup files. You can inject them via EXT and run your own local battles?

Yes exactly, you can use them in local wireless and online battles. They should provide the users a way to play with the rules of a tournament without participating in the tournament.

The format is known. Check SciresM's MysteryGiftTool, there's a class for regulations. https://github.com/SciresM/MysteryGiftTool/blob/master/MysteryGiftTool/Regulation.cs

For some reason the game is padding the files to 64KB.

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21 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

There are literally hundreds of these. We should figure out how we want to name the files and organize them. Then we need to determine which ones we are missing.

In my Sun folder alone, I have 300+ of these:

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On 5/16/2018 at 5:30 AM, Sabresite said:

Everytime they remove something from the blacklist (or is it add to whitelist?), new regulation files are released to replace the old ones. Should we only keep the newest?

It's a blacklist and yes the newest files should be enough in most cases.

The dl_regulation files are what I uploaded here. Each dl_regulation file contains a package of all the regulations that are available for download in the Festival Plaza for that region/language. Until now there were no differences between Sun and Moon or between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, also US is identical to EU. The package gets updated each time a new regulation is released, so the latest files should be enough for these unless an older regulation has been changed.

The cup files are a bit different, if you want to preserve them you will have to keep them all as they only hold the rules for a single tournament. I have no idea how these are stored in the extdata. I wasn't interested in them because legally you can't use them in your own battles. I would assume that a tournament rule is stored similar to the regulation file as 011 since the numbering of the others starts at 012.

If you want to keep them all I think the best would be to name them after their official names and let the users rename them before importing.

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Thanks @BlackShark for the Files i was wondering on how to get them because i saw on youtube videos rules like them and wondered to myself how do i get them so i kept searching and nothing and then i found this website so i searched this website and BOOM found it after a really look time

I will like to say thanks again @BlackShark for this i will use right way when i get the chance to play it on my 3ds 

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