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SM - Shiny Silvally (SEA Serial Code)


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41 minutes ago, King Impoleon said:

i'll hope they open a code generator, like previous distributions

Tho I think recently, that has been region-locked (network region wise)
I'm hoping to get extra codes.. XD

42 minutes ago, King Impoleon said:

i don't have access to the maxsoft site, can't find it on facebook

I wonder if that is related to the country of origin, of your facebook account.

Here (if this link helps): https://www.facebook.com/maxsoftonline/

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30 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

Silvally is up for JPN/SEA. Looks like another mess up.  The OTN was never translated to English from Japanese. 

Let's see if they notice and fix it.

Actually, it appears TW and SEA will be same distribution,
but it's as you said.

It could be final, but we wouldn't know until we get codes

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7 hours ago, cc9 said:

maxsoft hasn't announced the distro method for the SEA codes. ,_,


since it's been days since the HKTW OT remains japanese, would GF suddenly change it to Aether, like how they did on the 20TH star mew?


The 20TH mew had its OT changed within 9 hours of it going live, and it's been days now, so I guessed they couldn't be bothered.


If they were to update it, we'll report it in various related pages.

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