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anime Brock And Misty Return to SM

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Posted this as a status update last night. Had a hard time believing it at first but since I found about it on Serebii...

Still, makes me feel somewhat uneasy. The art style doesn't suit neither of them, specially Misty, she looks way too different to.. well, herself. Besides, both of them seem to have their original outfits which is somewhat strange at this point. I know this might not be canon, but still doesn't feel right to me..

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What I liked about their return:

-Jigglypuff returning. YAAAY! :3 I love that ball of pink xD She's funny lol

-The Mega Evolution battle was epic

-Seeing the alola gang in kanto was pretty cool i can't deney it

-Honestly....kanto in general is nostalgic :3


I'm not much of a fan of misty and brock overall though. They don't quite appeal to me like the newer companions do and can get annoying at times. Though I probably like Brock more than Misty since at least he can be kind of funny....while Misty could just be mean/boring IMO.

But, kanto nostalgia, ash's old friends with MEGA pokemon (one even of a FEARED pokemon!!!! i respect that, if i respect anything about misty....), and seeing jiggs again? Those things were all worth it :)

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I really enjoyed and liked their cameo's.

Misty and Brock's cameo was cool and that cameo made me dislike Misty less.

It was great to see some of the group's old Pokemon again, like Bulbasaur.

And the Mega Gyarados vs Pikachu battle was awesome and is my favourite Pokemon SM battle so far.

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