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Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

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I think this is the best place to ask this. So I just caught all the Unown on my VC Silver, one scientist in the building at the Ruins of Alph even confirms this. Before doing any of this I made sure that when I entered the ruins for the first time, my first encounter was the letter A, so that it would look nice in my Pokédex (yes I know I’m weird). After getting the Unown Mode in my Pokédex, I started catching the Unown in alphabetical order, so that they again, looked nice when I selected the Unown Mode. I then read on this Bulbapedia page that, when you catch all 26 Unown, the list would reorganizes itself alphabetically. So from then on, I just caught all of them in a random order. But now here I am, all forms caught and while being much further in the game, and my Unown Mode list did not reorganize itself (and me and my OCD (not really) can’t handle it). Does anybody know if I am missing something? Or is the statement on the Bulbapedia page just incorrect? Guess I am going to fiddle with PKHeX and my save file for a while.

Edit: Alright, thanks to @Holla!'s Pokemon Gen II save file records thread, I was quickly able to edit the order of the list and now they are alphabetically ordered just as planned, so problem solved I guess. :)

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