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SM Lycanroc Midnight Event

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Don't have a hacked 3DS, so I can't get you the wondercard file. I can, however, get you all the other info
The black one is my 3DS, the white one is my sister's Pikachu special edition 3DS XL.
As you can see, the codes were distributed via Nintendo Zone with a dutch message, don't know if it has a country specific difference though7e8360f3a279e89fdb14c70d91ba20a2.jpgb1c138e726a994336d0b59b7f548906a.jpgddf25d934e2962cfdf0813b318eb55bf.jpgeb14f58b71d7b5712ad0960c3c2d7239.jpg73699d8415d61f4fb6e6b29cd9ea8a7e.jpgf373e59ec892d7f8d51cf3a1fdf82588.jpg

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