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Hello readers!

About a year ago I found on an archived Geocities Page linked via a strange Pokemon forum a zip file which contained a readme,
and a strange binary file called colbtl.bin that is to be used to replace Pokemon Colosseum NTSC-U's copy with a program,
that instead of GBA trading over the link cable, flashes any region of RS with a self-contained save file that is expanded.

The gba displays info with a splash screen, while the Gamecube appears to fail the trade.
I have painstakingly dumped this save file via FIX94's tool.

You need to extract this zip file, grab colbtl.bin, put it into a Legit US (or possibly British/Aussie) Colosseum ISO
(using GCISOTOOL, GCISOREBUILDER, or GCMTool, maybe wiiscrubber), and replace the file.

You also need a way of loading the iso, so either PSO, XenoGC, Wode Jukebox, Swiss, Nintendont, Devolution,
Wiikey/Wasp Fusion, QOOB, or other loaders/chips.

No actual Nintendo rom code is in the zip file, all of it was freely given as public domain by an ancient hacking group.
I suspect FIX94's PokeLoad Gamecube HB exploit for Colosseum and GoD,
would be able to allow a talented GC hacker to make some sort of .dol executable on a memcard,
that has Ralf@gc-forever's Colosseum Codes for enabling, farming, and Swapping the Ageto Celebi Event out for a selection of events,
or allow them to hex it in, along with patching and loading colbtl.bin from the card's dol to trick Colosseum into flashing duplicate saves.

There is no current way to set the save file in the colbtl.bin file.
Hopefully some data can be found so that the data can be swapped like how Decchi.bin has swappable wondercards.

Here is the zip, which also has my personal save file. That one has the word current in the filename.


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Interesting find!

Important notes though:
1. Learn how to make concise thread titles (your title was unnecessarily long)
2.  Learn how to space out your thread. It's hard to read a compressed wall of text.
I'm still thinking of ways to rephrase/reorganize your original post.

In any case, I don't have Pokemon Colo, but this is still interesting!

(Maybe break it up to the following categories:
Instructions (step by step)
How it works
Conclusion/Postscript/Ending Notes.)

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OK! Got it.

Sorry for the cluttered style of my writing. It's just the way I am, messy. Ordinarily I sound like Martin Korth/Nocash when I write IMHO, but much more lax. I also wish to inform you that I have a small and faint recall of the original author of it, but am not certain. I assume it is abandoned PD software, as the site died over a decade ago. The save is complete, minus the fact that no events are present in it, which is odd due to it being a launch day save file. It was made before FRLG, so very few Gen 2 and 1 Pokemon are in it. It also has strange Pokemon names. The save has the OT of "pika", which is related to my memory of the tool's name, which may also be in the colbtl.bin file as hidden text and bmp gfx. All Ruby legends minus Rayquaza are caught, with Groudon at Level 51, and the others freshly caught. Hopefully we can analyze the tool, and reverse engineer it to make our own save utility exploits. Careful with it, there is no warning when wiping and changing your save. It also appears to be a US Ruby file, so this may be useful as an example of a completed save.

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion my grammar caused.


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UPDATE! I found the link to the original file and site. http://www.geocities.ws/gcintelligence/gcicolosavesp1.html (Site) + http://www.geocities.ws/gcintelligence/pika-sav.zip (file)


Please cache this with the wayback machine and archive.is.


Now we can find out more about this.


In addition a region patch for Colosseum's trade function is available, along with a better version of the save file.

Edited by St. GIGA
more info.
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This seems very interesting, but I fail to comprenhend the use for this. From what I understood, the binary file colbtl.bin is what Colosseum sends to the GBA to allow trading, and it has been hacked/replaced with a different program that will write a savegame to the cartridge instead.

What's that save so special for? Or is this just a proof of concept?

But I find the one skipping region checking very interesting, I guess the point is to allow trade/combat from GBA games from a foreing region (i.e. jap games on US colosseum doing battles). This could be used into making the jap bonus disk work with all roms... maybe.

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The save uploaded one is just a proof of concept, (especially with fix94's tool), but the Region spoofer has potentially game breaking glitches or crashes with battling, (due to different offsets?). I do not know if it affects GC or GBA battles, but I assume gba ones are. Hex editing may fix it. While we have been able to mod the Jirachi disc to send to us/JP Kanto games, this may help with the Celebi disc, as we can use the  unused American Agate Celebi and Colos pikachu for the original event's first Celebi, and mod the gba event with Colbtl.bin. This may end up being able to fix battles if we hex it right. Who knows, we may be able to use this to allow Japanese Colosseum e-reader cards from HaxAras to load on US saves, and to possibly load the unreleased cards. If all shadow e-card Pokémon are purified, it may even add to the Celebi count. We also have no clue if gba Celebi are shiny locked, and this would help test it. Same goes for the e-cards, with the help of Ralf@gc-forever, we can make the first Celebi infinite, and change it out for other events to help research it or yank PKM files from Ralf codes. We can also make tools to turn 3gpkm/pk3 files into those codes. With Ralf codes, we can crack the algorithm Celebi is distributed with to see if we can find a similar exploit to Jirachi. We can even load the code via colosseum itself using fix94's PokeLoad exploit.

In addition, the save file in the "pika-sav.zip" file called "RubyDe.sav" has a fresh, untouched, Still-in-Gen3 Channel Jirachi from Germany in it. Please send it to RoC.

hopefully this helps. 


Edited by St. GIGA
added news about channel Jirachi
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