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Online Ban Wave – Almost 6,000 People Affected


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Well, I used the "Give all Clothing" thing even befor the first ban-wave (after official release) came.

I screwed up restoring the right save file a few weeks ago and lost about 3 hours of gameplay. I traded much in that time, but all was lost, after I restored a save file before all of this. I even lost some Pokédex entries there... The gamesync was done before I restored the wrong save file obviously. As I was realizing it, I played 3 1/2 hours to get back to the time (and a bit more) I saved before. I didn't manage to get back all the Pokédex enties, becaue I was doing Wondertrade before and didn't know which enties I got from it.

I have some genned Mons like a Gen 3 Machamp and Shedinja with Mimic and some genned "legal" Pokémon (I'm never gennig them form scrap. I breed a "template-Egg" and modify the Egg afterwards or I make multiple copys of it and change species etc. For Legends I use scrap Legend from Wondertade.) The only Pokémon that come out of nowhere are the japanese Events.


After all of this I WASN'T BANNED yet :D

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Wow like a 1,500+ increase...o_o

I'm assuming that the people who were banned were also using stat modding NTR such cheats online, those people deserve to be banned if so. However, some people are reporting to have been banned even though they didn't use PKHeX or anything of the sort, they could be trolling or maybe it did happen, a counter argument is when PKHeX came out for SuMo people were reporting that the game freezes upon continuing, turns out that it was because they used PKHeX which at the time messed up player map coordinates and they didn't want to admit it. 

All i can say is don't change your IGN, skin tone, gender or ID (I changed my ID+SID combination to match my previous 6-digit TID and it's still working although I still don't recommended it).

Use common sense, people.

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15 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

Maybe you'll like to upload your save for us to see?

It's too late now sorry. Seeing as I got banned I went ahead and modded in everything I didn't previously have. But yeah, I feel like it's probably one of the main causes of bans; people probably forget when they mod everything in, not all items you just gave yourself are obtainable. For example the Marshadow Z-crystal. Also, another thing to note, I had only just synced 10 mins before my post, before then the only time I had ever synced was on my first completely legit playthrough. Then 2 months later I done another playthrough with the things I mentioned above. Either way, not that I know too much about what could and could not trigger a ban, I feel as though they have made it almost so that anything that is unobtainable will trigger a ban. 

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