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  1. So I'm working on a save file that has a complete living dex, and each Pokémon originating from their respective generational game. Most are fine but I'm currently stuck on Ditto and the gen1 legendries. Even after creating a seemingly legit Pokémon using recourses to find starting level etc, I still can't seem to get past the Encounter Type Mismatch ID error. If there's a solution that I've missed, or if someone can point out what I've done wrong it'd be greatly appreciated.
  2. It's too late now sorry. Seeing as I got banned I went ahead and modded in everything I didn't previously have. But yeah, I feel like it's probably one of the main causes of bans; people probably forget when they mod everything in, not all items you just gave yourself are obtainable. For example the Marshadow Z-crystal. Also, another thing to note, I had only just synced 10 mins before my post, before then the only time I had ever synced was on my first completely legit playthrough. Then 2 months later I done another playthrough with the things I mentioned above. Either way, not that I know too much about what could and could not trigger a ban, I feel as though they have made it almost so that anything that is unobtainable will trigger a ban.
  3. I got banned. The only things I done was make fully 'legitimate' poke's and (what I think is the cause) gave myself all items. Every Pokemon was legal.
  4. As said in the title, I basically only got back into Pokemon when ORAS was released. I want to know if I have to change the SID and TID when I hex a poke from an older game (Mewtwo from X) in case something can be picked up on their end and I end up getting banned for example. Thanks
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