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  1. Alright, deleted the .dll files and it works fine again. Some old versions of PKHeX used them, right? Thank you!
  2. Error Report in directory of the drive: PKHeX_Error_Report 20210711181920.txt
  3. Hey, I'm using PKHeX for some years now. I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 (built in .NET Framkework) for whatever reason... So after redownloading the essential stuff and now needing PKHeX again, I ran into a problem... I had PKHeX on one of my external drives for years and it worked fine until now. Every time I try to start it it says: "a fatal non-UI error [...]". BUT if I run it on my Desktop, everything works just fine. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Some system permissions?
  4. I've noticed there's (now) a "Height" and "Weight" display on the main page of a Pokémon. Is this just a leftover feature from Let's Go or does it do anything for the Pokémon in Sw/Sh (maybe lagality, appearance while camping etc.) Thanks for help and keep up the good work :D
  5. Well, that's strange then
  6. I'd say you can inject it. I have some legit 4th Gen Tutor Move Pokémon and this message is popping up with them too. I just ignored it and everything is working fine ^^
  7. Naahhh... I don't think so. If GameFreak is releasing Shiny Zygarde they would have to release other shiny legends too, like Celebi, Keldeo, Meloetta, ...
  8. If you are careful enough you can make these Pokémon in Pokégen first, save them with a valid PID and drop the file into PKHeX I'm doing this with Pokémon from Gen 5 and under
  9. Oh I forgot to say that I modified my Wins at the Battle Tree too and wasn't get banned yet @theSLAYER I hope this is good Information for you and you know what other modifications I have made so far (from the 6000 Bans Topic)
  10. @theSLAYER Yeah, I had legal items and enties, BUT not all of the enties I had before, because of the wrong save file ^^ I still have all Clothing active
  11. Well, I used the "Give all Clothing" thing even befor the first ban-wave (after official release) came. I screwed up restoring the right save file a few weeks ago and lost about 3 hours of gameplay. I traded much in that time, but all was lost, after I restored a save file before all of this. I even lost some Pokédex entries there... The gamesync was done before I restored the wrong save file obviously. As I was realizing it, I played 3 1/2 hours to get back to the time (and a bit more) I saved before. I didn't manage to get back all the Pokédex enties, becaue I was doing Wondertrade before and didn't know which enties I got from it. I have some genned Mons like a Gen 3 Machamp and Shedinja with Mimic and some genned "legal" Pokémon (I'm never gennig them form scrap. I breed a "template-Egg" and modify the Egg afterwards or I make multiple copys of it and change species etc. For Legends I use scrap Legend from Wondertade.) The only Pokémon that come out of nowhere are the japanese Events. After all of this I WASN'T BANNED yet
  12. I don't know for the Same Species, but if you breed with two Different Species only the Mother's species hatches and it gets only the mother's abilities. So the species of the fahter (with or without HA) cannot breed a HA offsping of the mother's species I'm not good at english grammar
  13. TeddyHax

    PKHex Error

    Hey there, the error-code I received. I tried to edit a Pumpkaboo in Alpha Sapphire. In Options I selected German as language, but every time I click "XL" so the "Super" Pumpkaboo size, PKHeX gives me this error message... If i select English language in Options everything works fine. I have Framework 4.6 installed! 2nd, one question: So I was editing the Pumpkaboo in english language now. Everything is fine, BUT I can't go online anymore... The game connects to the internet as usual, but when it's "finished" connecting to the internet, the screen that says "Connecting to the internet" stays and the game freezes... The music plays in the background, but everything else freezes... why does it do that? Other games work fine e.g. my OR or my 2nd AS. Does anyone know why this keeps happening? <--- Problem resolved... I just needed to delete the Pumpkaboo and some other Pokémon I traded...
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