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XYORAS - MacDonald's Italian Happy Meowth


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Currently you can get an Happy Hour Meowth on PAL systems. It's available via the serialcode HAPPY.

This is already available since the 19th August but still no announcement yet.

Pokemon: Meowth

Gender: random

Level: 20

OT: Happy

ID: 08196

Ability: Pickup

Nature: random


Happy Hour
Fake Out

Item: -

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon

Location: a lovely place

Dates: August 19th - ..., 2016

Game Distribution: XY, ORAS

Distribution Type: Serialcode

Sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemontrades/comments/4yt4qs/happy_hour_meowth_live_in_europe/

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6 minutes ago, jojo12100 said:


so happy to be back in your side you miss me so much ProjectPokemon,

anyway it seems that a Meowth will be distributed in Italian MacDonald's in December apparently,

I put the images I found,

if anyone lives here and can contribute it I'll be so happy ^^

Species: Meowth

Game: Sun/Moon

Distribution: Local or NZone?


It's the HAPPY Meowth distributed by common serial code,

that's been distributed for a while now!



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On 06/12/2016 at 9:28 PM, jojo12100 said:

Don't think so look at the date of the tweet, the fact it's for Pokemon Sun and Moon, maybe it's a replicate of it for Gen 7 ?

Edit: After visiting the source and without any information yes we can suppose it's the HAPPY Meowth



It doesn't say the Meowth is for Sun and Moon,

it just gave a link that says something like "Discover the new games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon"

Renaming thread to match format.

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