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General Events Help, FAQ and Discussion Thread


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Well, at least mystery is solved.

So they are doing server bans based on game received. Not too shabby nintendo.

Yea problem solve, silly me forgot that it was ORAS exclusive. I guess I should pay more attention to it lol. Also it doesnt require the 3ds region to be Korea

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Okay I am late, I know but this is a hack, 'cause he is watermarked

ah so they didnt check for game region. okay okay that is interesting

The region is checked only to download the event on the Nintendo's servers. It is not checked on the Pokémon (example of powersaved wondercard on all other regions cartridge)...

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but yes, I did mention that it is at least saved with wondercard editor once.

But without proofs we can't know until the guy who has bringed (don't know if it's correct lol) that wondercard show us the original one...

And also, I've used 7 Scrap Code, that mean I have Keldeo, Nugget and 10 potions serial codes, Keldeo is already redeemed, but the items are they ?

If no I can send that

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I was talking with the same person in order to have a chance to share his Arceus with the community :)

Yes pls! I don't speak japanese, so it will be a lost cause if im the one to initiate to ask for the wc6

If not, i can provide a pk6 of a different shiny arceus from gamesfaq giveaway. Gonna post it asap in the XY pk6 contribution. Unless someone gives it there before me.

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