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General Events Help, FAQ and Discussion Thread


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Il semblerait que le SID soit toujours 81. Attention aux faux events qui vont fleurir un peu partout...

Par contre, j'avoue que ça me plairait que quelqu'un puisse nous partager le shiney...

It seems that the SID is 81, whatever the item the Arceus is holding. Be careful to the fake events which will be available for trade...

It would be great if someone could share the shiny one...

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Once again, this is a FIXE SID, the ID WONDERCARD is not set in the game until you obtain the all 19 Arceus. In other words, more you have codes and more you have chances to obtain the shiny one.

Each code give you a random Arceus, if you have one for example, using a code will give you an Arceus you don't have.

Also, we ARE NOT on a French forum so you have to speak in English.

Nous NE SOMMES PAS sur un forum Français, par conséquent, vous devez parler en Anglais.

Edit : I will not share my Arceus at this time because of a scammer that is on this site I suppose. So I will wait a bit, thanks for understanding. (DemonKlyd), you looks so pathetic...

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Whose wondercard? Yours? Certainly not... I can confirm this fact once again, and I'm using my own stuff for my own purpose. And since you got not even the shadow of a proof of your accusations, now that's a dead end for you. And if you're not happy with my contribution then, let's just remove it.

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To be more precise I got two, and sure, here is one of them:

Shiny Arceus Film 18 - Kyoto

You're welcome!

And what I do with MY Pokémon and MY collection only concerns me myself and I, no scamming involved, and I'm not hiding for one bit saying that. Don't be that embittered keisuke59 :) end of the debate.

EDIT: Yes I know that the file hosting website I just used sucks, but for some reason I could not attach my file through the PP.org attachement system in this post... sorry. I keep trying.

Wow, finally a legit one? Do you have proof, because it really seems this is the real deal.

Thank you very much!

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im still contempating to not give it yet because this arceus event is a crucial game player. I need to get more arceus and keldeo. Before i give it. Becuase the summer 2015 will have tons of legendadry events. So i need more legit with proof trades. (´・_・`) it might be being mean... Sorry but it's the only way to survive in today's event collection... Pls do understand

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A pic of the mystery card could be one. With a piece of paper holding your name will be the perfect proof. ;)

We wonder why you had wait on this topic without proposing a contribution and waiting for that of an other one ....

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Interesting, an Arceus shared by other user here before (I really don't remember, I think it was the one by love_dig_it in the PKX contribution thread) has exactly the same data on there. However, it has different IVs.

So there are various possibilites:

  • All of them are hacked
  • Every event Arceus has, for some reason, these data related to residence.
  • This Arceus was based on love_dig_it Arceus with a different PID and randomized IVs.

EDIT: They also have the same nature, encryption constant, and Hidden Power type

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it only registers the location once it has been traded so it's normal that Japan is not in any of the locations

Thanks for notice it :) In any case had it from another person and not directly from mystery menu with own serial code.

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