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  1. If I create a save1keystream.bin file using a save from a Omega Ruby cartridge, can I use the same save1keystream.bin file with a save from an other cartridge (for example Alpha Sapphire) ? Or does this file only work with the save used to create it ?
  2. Hi ! Thanks for your reply ! Someone here help me the last one hour. So It's Ok for me, the topic can be closed by the way. Thank you RustInPeace !
  3. I hope that I post correctly here my following request: I look for a rather pleasant person to help me to obtain by exchange Arceus shiny of the last event resulting from the wonder card freshly posted on the topic of contribution by SciresM (right here : http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33343-Gen-VI-Event-Contribution-Thread&p=201135#post201135). By clone it it's okay . Not possessing the necessary material and even less the Japanese version needeed to. I already post here my CA : 0275-8497-3136 IG: Keisuke. Thanks in advance to the kind person who will be willing to help me. EDIT : God, I have just seen that I posted under no-appropriate section. Sorry if this topic could be transferred. Thank you.
  4. Thank you so much ! Now I have to find a kind person who could help me getting this Arceus from this mystery card coz I don't have the material to (PM please)
  5. Oh nice ! Hope you'll share it And I hope i'll find someone who will be willing to clone to me x)
  6. this : chrome://mega/content/secure.html#!KkATQRST!DrsdCv09yZNn8lAfA5NpPSOf4an9oyGHngorUa-KjQg
  7. I got the same archive with password Can't crack it too
  8. No result. And if I can get one, I need someone here because I don't have the material to extract .pk6 file or something else
  9. I was talking with the same person in order to have a chance to share his Arceus with the community
  10. Would mean it's the same Arceus as the non-shiny one. Same file. No trade in this case.
  11. Thanks for notice it In any case had it from another person and not directly from mystery menu with own serial code.
  12. It does not pass by Japan any way ... And no item hold.
  13. A pic of the mystery card could be one. With a piece of paper holding your name will be the perfect proof. We wonder why you had wait on this topic without proposing a contribution and waiting for that of an other one ....
  14. Hey ! Why you just don't share yours DemonKlyd ? The one you sell on ebay ... :smile:
  15. It is impossible to switch off the pokéwalker. But, if the pile (battery) is finally removed to preserve it (As It seems to be indicated in the Pokéwalker's guide), the data on the pokéwalker will be erased ? In any case, it's better to remove the pokémon which is in before removing this pile (battery) not? ps : sorry for my english.
  16. I really think It was RNGed. Ivs, Nature, and Date.. no doubt for me.
  17. Okay ! Thanks for those precisions ! Effectively I retake a look at the "Preston's Guide to 44h, 45h, 46h, 47h, 85h, and 86h Values" and all it's clear now
  18. Why does it should ? I was thinking that events pokemon should have all their hex values at 00.
  19. Thanks a lot Nigoli ! EDIT: Is it normal that this event has hex values ? (46h = F4 ; 47h = 0B)
  20. Is it possible to have an "Silver Eevee Present" PKM file ? please. It will help me a lot. Thanks !
  21. For my part, I asked the question because I just want to restart a new game in my bought copy but I don't want to loose all the original Nintendo events which are in it .. So I Try to find the better way to input them again, by a way that don't leave "traces", which doesn't show that the events don't come from nintendo server.. I think that the better way will be The NDS Distro rom (changing the day on my DS) but I keep asking me, if there can be a "trace" showing that the event doesn't come from nintendo server. Your opinion interests me and would be strong useful, thank you. (Sorry for my english, I'm from France)
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