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Web Browser RAM-based Pokemon Injection for XY and ORAS.

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PKHeX has been updated to allow users to select "All Files" filter when exporting a Pokemon (it's beneath the place where you can enter the file name).

Please select All Files when naming it "pokemon.ekx"; do not rename files with .pk6/.pkx extensions as they are not encrypted -- re-save.

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I have one 3DS and one 3DS XL, both with 9.4

I have tried this code with my pokemon X cartridge, Y cartridge and a digital copy of OR.

It is very strange that the code works only on my Y game on both, 3DS and 3DS XL, but on my X game won't work on both of them and my OR game won't work on the XL

I think the problem is not related with the 3DS but with the version of the games...

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I have a 3DS XL with 9.4.0- 21U and it works but...

every time I inject a pokemon it is just shows up as an egg in BOX that is unable to hatch :(

Is that just me being bad with PKHeX(if it is, Can you guys tell me a proper tutorial of how to use this?)

Could you post the file you are using?

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Did you ever put at as an egg while using PKHeX. Because I had the same exact problem as you guys did

If you are getting bad eggs, the exploit is working but your pokemon.ekx is not properly saved. Make sure you are renaming a .ek6 file and not a .pk6.

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