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  1. So now that KazoWAR was able to inject Pokemon Yellow into the VC, will we ever be able to use the injection method to load GBA games into the VC?
  2. You have to unzip the folder and put the .bin file in the SD Card, not the .zip file
  3. 1. In your system settings 2. Sysnand is the default firmware, so don't worry about emunand 4. The New Models are not compatible
  4. When I open the loadcode.projectpokemon.org on my browser, it just crashes without saying that that the page failed to load, is that supposed to happen?
  5. Yeah I found it, I was being kinda stupid and not realizing it was that, it still didn't work though
  6. It's actually not that hard. If it works, its alot faster than Breeding and PowerSaves
  7. Are you Shizzy and try deleting everything in your browser, Click on Initial Save Data at the bottom of the settings and then you can delete everything
  8. So here is what I am doing, tell me if I am doing anything wrong 1. Downloaded the file and put it on my SD Card 2. Make a Pokemon on PKHex and used the All Files option to save it as pokemon.ekx 3. Put my SD Card into my 3DS 4. Went into browser and cleared everything, and saved the LoadCode as a Bookmark 5. Went into AS/X and went into the Box to check, and then left the PC 6. Went to browser and went to the Link, and then it crashes (One thing I notice on SciresM video is that he got a gray bar on the top of the browser before it crashed, I didn't get that) 7. Went into AS/X and check the PC but I got nothing in there Please help.
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