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tool Time Capsule Transfer Tool ('pk2pk')

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Download Link At Bottom of Post


Drag & Drop tool that emulates:

  • Any official transfer method
  • Fakes non-official transfer methods (backwards conversion)

Converts a pkm/3gpkm file to any of the forward generation formats, depending on what the user selects.


(beta: 100+ dl's) + 25

Programmed in C#

Generation 3 Transfers will transfer to the 'native game language' using that language's DP trash bytes.

In other words, a JP Pokemon will transfer to a 'fake' JP DP game and won't receive the Nickname flag if its species name matches the nickname.

Transferring to Gen 6 has an option to specify the 3DS Country/SubRegion/GeoRegion and Trainer Name/Gender that receives it.

Want RBY/GSC (Gen 1/2) to Gen 3 transfers? Use Metropolis' Converter.


Download Page

Source Code

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Be sure you have the right input method selected. Don't supply encrypted files, always decrypted (since that's the default with any editor).

This tool has already been integrated into PKHeX so there's no real need to use it unless you're transferring to one of the DS games.

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But i am transferring to my DS Game! I use an emulator with save Editors, though.

Hi, Please help,

I am a newbie when it comes to transferring Pokemon. I am used to the Pokecheck site when I transferred over wifi and had no problems with that. Since Pokecheck is down I am looking for a new way to transfer Pokemon to either White 2 or to gen 6, I have both. I have downloaded Pokegen 3.1.13 and generated a legal Zekrom to test. Then I also downloaded the pk2pk software and changed the pkm file to a pk# file without errors.

How do I transfer this file to my game? Please help, I have searched the forums now for about an hour and do not find anything.

Thanks for any help.

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I've got an issue converting 4 Gen .PKM to 5 and 6 Gen.

When i extracted a .PKM file from Pokegen [HG Save], it said my .PKM file is encrypted.

So, i used Poké Transfer tool:


Does it was made to not read encrypted .PKM [Pokegen] files or should i use other Save Editor [Which one?]?

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Thanks for the program Kaphotics.

I just want to report this, I'm transferring my Pokemon from Sapphire to HG and when i check at Legality Checker it says valid in all parameter with Unkwon GBA Type.

So I have a valid Pokemon from my Sapphire in HG. But the problem is when I transfer that Pokemon to my Black 2 from my HG file, it's valid in all parameter but with Hacked or Unknown Pokemon.

Is that all right? or I have done something wrong while transferring?

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Bred pokemon from generation 3 show up as unknown because Legal does not know how to check them.

Legal does not work for generation 5 format pkm files.

So, my Pokemon is still legal in Generation V?

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